First scan, when?

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notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi my sister rang the hospital for me to see around when id be getting a scan (i cant ring people can hear me) and the receptionist said im on the list and it will be around 20-22 weeks. I was told by my GP it would be between 12-18 weeks. I have my 12 week appointment next Monday with GP, so ill say it to her then. Does that seem very long. Im not particularly concerned, im looking forward to getting a scan but dont want to pretend something is wrong to get one early (iykwim). On the other hand a pic would be nice especially when im killed with morning sickness. What should i do? It is worth me booking a private scan at around say 15 weeks, can you see much then> Thanks.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Every hospital and Doctor seem to be different it depends where you are going...for your own piece of mind book in for a scan if you prefare
blushing b2b Posts: 288
I was 17 weeks gone before i had my first scan and if you have read my previous posts i was only offered this scan as i decided at the time to have test to determine risk of downs syndrome. other than that they were only going to offer me a scan at 20 weeks as i was so far gone i was concerned when i wasnt offered a scan at 12 weeks and like you i just wanted a pic of baby to make it seem more real is it worth asking your gp to write a letter to see if you can get an appointment sooner??? Looking on the bright side you will see a lot more of your baby at 22 weeks than you would at 12 - 18 weeks. i even noticed the difference in baby from scan at 17 weeks and scna at 20 weeks
charli Posts: 5994
it does seem really long - my first one is at 13 weeks but then again i dont get another i think until 28 weeks so it probably works out the same amount of scans - just different timings tbh i am looking forward to getting the scan in 4 weeks just to confirm there is actually something in there!! like on my first pg, sometimes i find it hard to believe i am actually pregnant, especially as i kinda feel normal most of the time. still if you were having twins, would it not be better to find out earlier, hence the 12-16 week scan? sorry i am not much help
mammybean Posts: 10364
I think i would be going off m head at your hospital. apart from the fct of my history and i had early scans at EPU everyone attending WRH is scaned between 9 and 2 weeks just as a dating scan and then agai at 20 weeks
Sassy Posts: 2269
I think Mama Dora is right, it all depends on the hospital you are going to. I'm attending Holles Street and they don't scan you until your between 18-22wks unless there is a problem. Maybe for your own peace of mind book yourself a private scan. If you really want it, its going to be worth what ever the cost is.
bizgunne Posts: 42
Hi, I'm 16 weeks and have not had my first scan yet. I'm going semi private in the Rotunda and rang up to ask them why I was having the scan so late (I thought you normally got scanned around the 12 week mark). She said because they were so busy this was the earliest they could fit me in. It's a bit of bummer having to wait for so long but like the other girls say you'll probably see a lot more at a later stage. I have my first scan on Monday so can't wait to see the little one!! [url=] [img:1am65q90];18;11/st/20071212/dt/5/k/7b44/preg.png[/img:1am65q90] [/url] [url=] [img:1am65q90];42;95/st/20080524/e/The+Big+Day/dt/5/k/b392/event.png[/img:1am65q90] [/url]
Topolino Posts: 1659
I had my first scan at 8 weeks, then another at 12 weeks, then another last Friday at 16 weeks. There's no way I could have waited twenty something weeks. I'm too much of a worrier for a start. I can't understand how if you're paying for a service, then they can't give you a scan. It's insane. And like Charli said, what if you're expecting twins or even triplets.