First time pregnant questions

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mam2be Posts: 94
Hi girls, Im sorry in advance for all the questions :) Im 5 weeks pregnant and was with my GP last week who confirmed it. The only thing is he didn't really say anything to me on how i will be feeling etc for the next while. Is it normal to feel quite bloated everyday? Im so so tired - when does this pass? I have little cramps now and again - presuming this is normal too? I know i probably should have asked doctor all of this but he's not the chatty type. Thanks in advance for any replies! :)
mammanua Posts: 96
congrats on your bfp :o)ll totally normal to feel wrecked at this stage and u could feel like that for a good few wks yet. or then again may not. i was very bloated very quickly and by 8 wks found my trousers tight. remember havin mild period like cramps too for the first while but this is just stretching and your womb changing. hope u feel better soon and enjoy it all! wishing u a happy and healthy pregnancy. :wv
Wife09 Posts: 873
Congratulations!! Yea unfortunately the bloating doesnt go away hun till you have baby and get your figure back. But dont worry I got strechy trousers at 8 weeks, I wasnt showing I was just really bloated and it made me feel more comfortable. Tiredness is part of early pregnancy and should settle a good bit in your mid trimester. The last trimester it does come back though. I had cramps in early pregnancy all the time, they can be part of early pregnancy, however if the cramps become unbearable or you have any bleeding red or brown (despite what some folk say) you should contact the hospital. Did you GP mention taking folic acid? You must take this till you are 12 weeks, for other supplements/vitamins run them by GP before taking them. Bloating, some cramps, wind, tiredness, morning sickness all part of early pregnancy. EUMOM is a great website to have a look at too. Any other Q's shout away!! Hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy!!
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
heya :wv 1st of all congrats on ur BFP :o)ll U will feel tired some days - especially for the 1st few weeks, so get as much rest as u can, :zzzz: also, you may feel a little crampy, like af pains, all totally normal, unless accompanied by any bleeding etc. i was a little bloated also at the beginning, so i wudnt worry about that. HTH :wv :wv
mam2be Posts: 94
Thank you very much girls - this puts my mind at ease! And i'll definately check out EUMOM for a nosey! The best of luck to you all as well :lvs
flippersmrs Posts: 660
congrats :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll yes its normal to feel bloated, very tired and cramps.its different for everyone but i found i was tired right up until 2nd trimester but i did have ms so that didnt help. cramps are only uterus streching to make room for babs so no worries hun.