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1977-Baby Posts: 15
As the subject says this is my first time to post here, but I've looked for a while but I would appreciate some advice as we are trying to conceive. Here's my problem, I'll try and keep it short. Apologises in advance if it is too much detail. Finished my pill on the 17th November, had a very weird period in the sense that I only bled for one day and very small spotting for two days, this is very unusual for me. Anyway this month, my period or what I thought started Monday night, a spot nothing else and a spot this morning and apart from the two spots nothing else. What do I class as the start of my next cycle Monday nights spot or Thursday's spot What could I put this down too? I did a pregnancy test on Sunday and it was negative, or is my body still adjusting to being without a pill? Would love some advice Merry Christmas and the very best of luck TTC in 2007 to everybody.
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Hi, I'm not a ttc-er just yet, but I know that it can take a year for your body to readjust after the pill. Don't know much about cycles etc, some of the more knowldgable ladies will help you out I'm sure!
Mrs Gill Posts: 223
I think you're going to have to have a bit of patience with it to be honest. It can take months for your body to adjust to being off the pill. my periods were all over the place for the first few months. I wouldn't know when to count as the start of your AF by your info but just hang in there and see what happens next month. You could also start charting your temperature to see when you are ovulating and it will give you more of an idea of what's going on in your body. Check out i found it fairly useful. HTH
mjm Posts: 393
when I first came off the pill I had very strange cycles, a few days of spotting in the middle and cycles that lasted 44 days. I started taking Agnus Castus as recommended on here and I am now bang on 28 days but it has taken 5 months for my body to feel like it is back to normal, to be honest for me coming off the pill was much worse than I expected so be patient it can take time. best of luck mjm