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LazyGirl Posts: 25
Hi everyone, I'm a first-time bride, first-time poster - and as my username suggests I don't have a lot organised. Just got engaged & getting married October 17th ('08!). Friends recommended this site - and I'm so glad they did. I'll work my way through all the posts...soon...But at a glance I already know this forum will be useful. For all you the girls working towards a wedding in +/- 6 months or so - where are you up to with organisation? I am starting tomorrow and want to get things sorted asap, but have no idea on what's the most important. Where did you start? Absolutely nothing confirmed yet, but it will be a Kerry (Killarney??) wedding so any and all advice will be much appreciated. Thanks so much
corkgirl08 Posts: 175
after the church and venue, look for your dress asap as they can take months to order in. then you might want to make an appointment with the registrar as you need to have that organised 3 months before your date and it can take months to get an appointment. I rang in jan and had my appointment last week good luck and enjoy
jen4 Posts: 566
First of all congrats on your engagement! And welcome to the wonderful (and addictive) world of WOL!! You really will pick up so much useful info here. I'm getting married in December, the most important things to sort are the ceremony and reception, once you have those booked I'd say the band and photographer/videographer would be next, then you can worry about all the other bits like the dress etc. It is a very exciting time so enjoy it - and best of luck with the planning!! :wv
monkeybear Posts: 1926
You should also start emailling bands and photographers, you'll be surprised how quick they get booked up, but at the same time you dont wanna just book the first band, I went through the suppler list for bands and photographers, sent them all the same email, giving my date and venue and that i was looking for a quote, I had a look at their web sites, with photographers you'll soon realise the style you like, by the end there were 2 photographers that stood out for me, and we booked one of them, the band was the same, most bands web sites have snippets of what they sound like and if you email them to ask about going to see them live they're usually very helpful. After listening to a few i knew exactly which band i wanted so booked them too good luck
mrswildrogue Posts: 1739
Congratulations & Best of luck with the planning! It can be great fun :o0 but at times, if u let it get to u, stressful!! O:| I'm getting married next March and have venue, priest, church, videographer and band booked. Looking at photographers at the moment. But there is so many little things you never think of but thanks to this site and everyone on it you manage to cover it all! O-O
Faireez Posts: 973
Welcome to WOL. It might be helpful if you make a list and work you way down it. If you go to resources you'll find a list.HTH