First trip to Doctor ????

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Titch Posts: 261
This may seem like a daft post but ... I have my first appointment with Dr on Friday after getting a BFp on Sunday. I am just wondering what do you say- that you are pregnant after taking a test or that you want to confirm if you are pregnant???? Also do you have to bring a urine sample with you???? What questions should you be asking at this stage?? All new to this so have no idea Thanks
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Congrats on your BFP Titch! :o)ll You can bring a urine sample with you or else do one down there. Doesn’t really make a difference I don’t think. Just basically tell them that you got a positive on a pregnancy test & you want to know where to go from here! He will more than likely do a test himself. Then he will weigh you, take your blood pressure, probably ask you how you’re feeling & discuss with you your options (private or public.) Questions I asked mainly were about whether to go public or private & the pros & cons.
Nadie Posts: 1111
I told my GP I was pregnant, and that I had done 3 home tests. She didn't bother doing another test. If yours does want to do a test, please be prepared to get a negative result as they are not as good as the ones we buy and you have to be about 2 months pregnant to show up positive on them! I think I would bring a little jar of wee just in case, it would save you being under pressure in the doc's office - you can buy sample jars in the chemist quite cheaply. As for questions for the GP, at this stage you just need to figure out what hospital you want to go to and whether you want to go public, private or semi private. Maybe you'd like your GP's opinion on that. If I was you I'd ring your chosen hospital ASAP and tell them you want to book in for a first appointment, cos this baby boom is causing havoc. Congrats and welcome to P&B anyway!
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
CONGRATS HUNNI :o)ll i brought in my FMU with me to the doc, in case he got a negative :o0 he then weighed me and took blood pressure, then asked about whether i wanted to go private or public, so then did up my letters for then clinic . he also needs to know the 1st day of ur LMP, so he can determine a rough estimated due date, good luck honey :xxx
Titch Posts: 261
Thanks for all the replies girls. Just wondering what you all think of the public private decsion. I have VHI so I would probably opt for semi private but the way thinks are at the mo it might be a bit unrealistic to payout thousands for private. Will I need to make the decsion there and then at the doctors? I would like to have a 12 week scan, how much is this if you are not private?
Mumaholic Posts: 833
Titch you're askin all the questions in my head so gonna follow this post for the answers!!!! We're about the same stage along!! Want 12 week scan too as it took us 11 months to conceive so would like to make sure everything is where is should be etc.
Butttons Posts: 812
Congrats on your BFPs Titch and Overthemoon. This is my first too, and am just 20 weeks. I don’t think don't need to decide at the doctors whether you are going public or private but if you are thinking of going private they can give you a letter just in case. From what I found most consultants cost between 3k and 5k if you go private in a public hospital, then depending on what plan you are on VHI should cover your hospital stay. I got a letter but no one even asked for it when I decide to go private. I just made an apt myself with the consultants secretary. Have you decided on a hospital though? I found the VHI helpline good for advice on what I was covered for etc. Not sure where you are based but some of the hospital in Dublin don't seem to do a scan until 20 weeks if you are public or semi-private. I think it costs about 150 euro to get a private scan done - there are a good few private clinics that do these. Hope this helps.
mtv Posts: 935
hi my doctor took blood and urine samples. tell doctor your private health insurer if you have one. if you know tell him/her if you are going private/public/semi private. hth