First visit to GP after getting BFP??

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Wanna be a Momma Posts: 206
Hi ladies! Well, this is my first post on P&B - just got my BFP at the weekend! Very excited, but more than that I'm really nervous. Just really want a healthy 9 months. Anyway, could you experts please let me know what to expect at the first GP visit? I read Woodstocks excellent sticky for newbies, just wondering if its the same for everyone? I'm assuming its just a urine test? (Dont want to be surprised when I get there!!!). I've booked an appointment for tomorrow to confirm my BFP - I think myself and DH are waiting until after this appointment before we allow ourselves to get really excited. :o)ll Any replies welcome! Thanks!! :thnk
obbride Posts: 111
Congratulations - your first visit and every single other visit to clinic or gp needs a urine sample with you every time - one of the joys, but if you bring it with you it makes things much quicker. Also for your first appointment, if you just have some things in your mind already, like how regular you were, the date you had your last AF and how long it was. if you've been planning and keeping track you'll know this off the top of your head, or if like me it happens quickly you might have to think back. :-8 You don't have to decide yet, but if you have in mind what hospital you want to go to or whether you want to go private or public, or start thinking about it, because i know they filled out my HSE form with this info the first visit, only because i knew where i wanted to go. It hadn't occured to me whether to go public or private then, so i just rang them back a couple of weeks later with my decision. Best of luck and let us know how you get on..., when your early and can't tell anyone this forum is brilliant because you can still talk about it and get excited :wv
bumble Posts: 1980
Mine just did a urine test to confirm pg and then told me things to avoid etc. Bear in mind though the GP tests are not as sensitive as the pg tests we buy in the chemist so your BFP may not show up strong if you are early on. My first GP apt it came up as a weak positive which upset me even though i knew their tests aren't as good .... which meant i went home and peed on about 6 more clearblue digitals to make sure i wasn't imagining it :o0
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
Mine didn't even do a test for me ... she was laughing at me for looking like a guilty teenager! :o0 She just asked "it was a good strong line on the test, yes?" and took me at my word. Just went through the things to avoid etc, gave me a few numbers for consultants if I wanted to go private. And she gave me a urine sample bottle ... laughed again at me when she saw me scrunching up my nose at it and told me to get very used to them! Every time you go to the doctors from now on, you'll have to have a full one of those with you!! :o0 I had to pay for that visit, but from the next visit onwards, the visits are free. The next visit (at 8 weeks) the nurse took bloods, urine, blood pressure and got me to fill out the Combined Care form.
Wanna be a Momma Posts: 206
Thanks a mill for all that girls! I just cant wait to go and have someone official tell me its true! (will bear in mind that their tests arent as good as HPTs though!) Know what you mean about feeling like a guilty teenager, hopingforsoon! Everytime I bought a pregnancy test, I felt like waving my wedding ring in the shop assistants face and saying "My husband and me are trying to have a baby - this wasnt an accident!" :o0
babyluck Posts: 764
Question!!! should I wait til doc appt to book place in hosp? I am getting appt on friday when I will be 5w and 5days can I call holles street now?! *)
soon2bmomof3&4 Posts: 400
the girls have covered everything, just wanted to say CONGRATS :o)ll :o)ll
Crostini Posts: 1105
[quote="babyluck":2rxcosbs]Question!!! should I wait til doc appt to book place in hosp? I am getting appt on friday when I will be 5w and 5days can I call holles street now?! *)[/quote:2rxcosbs] yep my doc told me to ring them and just say that i have a letter from the doc already.