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HippyChic Posts: 1812
Hey ladies! I figured I'd start this thread as a lot of the other threads are for weightloss and that's not my primary goal (though I wouldn't complain either!). Currently I am back on the cancer sticks, eating cakes almost daily, my skin has turned to crap, I've no energy and while I'm only a size 12 it's in all the wrong places (bum and tummy, carry all my weight on my stomach :duh: ). Arms are flabby and generally feel awful. Can't run up our stairs without getting out of breath. Have no idea what weight I am as I'm not allowed a weighing scales but I do have a Wii Fit that I just have to get batteries for and it gives me my BMI (last time I used it I was teetering toward slightly overweight and I know I'm heavier now). So, my plan is to stop smoking tomorrow, have the last of the tobacco here and not buying another bag! Am only back smoking a month so I'd rather it didn't become a habit again. Going to start walking more, using the Wii Fit again for yoga, cooking healthier dinner, cut back on sugar, swap white bread, pasta and rice for brown varieties. By this summer I'd like to be able to run the 2 mile block around the village without stopping :o)ll Anyone care to join me and we can keep each other motivated and a kick in the ass when necessary?
belcra Posts: 1097
Hi HippyChic, I'm trying to lose weight and get fit. Have signed up for the half marathon in cork on the 4th June. I'm over on the couch to 5k thread and Easter motivation at the moment. the c25k thread might suit if you want to join us. It's quiet new and we're all doing the get fit thing there. It might get you doing even more than 2 miles around the block!!
HippyChic Posts: 1812
Can you believe I actually have that app and I never use it. :-8 My H2B is thinking of doing the Cork Marathon this summer too! Will check out the other thread, thanks missus! :thnk