Flexees or M&S Big knickers???

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bridie08 Posts: 94
The girl in the bridal shop told me the other day to get a multiway bra and big knickers from M&S but I've seen a range in debenhams called Flexees - they have an all in one thingy with bust and a "trap door" thing at the bottom - handy for going to the loo when the dress is bet onto you! Just wondering has anyone bought the Flexee thing before and was it any good. I've worn the M&S big knickers to other weddings before and going to the loo involved unzipping the dress just to get them down!
OscarSmiling Posts: 26
[color=green:65ya3zvv]Hey there, Haven't worn Flexees but my suggestion would be a corset-well structured & independent of all knicker worries! Corset can include a bra but is totally open to the bottom (suspenders optional) so you can wear a thong or whatever is most comfortable! You won't need all of your bridesmaids & other passersby helping you to gather up the dress etc to spend a penny! Any big knickers are hard to get off & the "trap-door" in Flexees (or Spanx) isn't that easy to keep out of the way if you're also wearing a big dress. Best of luck! CaroCaro[/color:65ya3zvv] :o0
bridie08 Posts: 94
thanks carocaro - good advice!
derrylon Posts: 107
try Spanx - they are expensive but well worth it and you'll get use out them again. Just a suggestion
Mrs. Ash Posts: 1168
Yep , I would defo agree! I bought a version of them for a wedding last year, but it was just a corset, whereas my sis bought those trapdoor ones!! Very very funny, when we were hammered at the wedding!! :o0 :o0 She had awful trouble with them and when she told the whole table at the wedding what was goin on, we had the best laugh ever!! :eek :o0 :o0 Needless, to say the menfolk were disgusted! :o0 I would say don't go for them, try get a corset and then something comfortable for underneath, you don't want to fall out of the cubicle, trying to release yourself!! :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :wv
contented Posts: 2625
flexees to the end i say i'm even wearing them today because i was at a confirmation and didnt want any vpl i wore them for my wedding - the long ones - and they were very comfortable and totally invisible under the dress. i actually went braless which for a 38E is no mean feat; because of the corset which was already in my dress i didnt need any. the flexees are seamfree honestly were the best for me on the day
jmeath Posts: 5740
I hope to get a corset...get rid of my belly :o0 I tried Spanx before and ended up not wearing them after buying them twice!!! But they were ones from Dunnes..... it was too much hassle to get them on dont mind down to pee!!
delightfullywedded Posts: 163
[quote="bridie08":1tsehaok]- handy for going to the loo when the dress is bet onto you! [/quote:1tsehaok] Haha, what a laugh. I still dont have my undies and I only have a week to go. My dress is corset style so yep, it is "bet" on to me. Dont know what to do about the under garments though. Think I'll head in to BT's on Monday and for the price they are going to charge me, I'm sure they will be perfect :o0