Flight travel Question - Please help

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lukeyL Posts: 7
Hi all! I'm brand new at all this but WOL has been highly recommended by my very stressed out sister who is a BTB. Found out an hour ago that I'm pregnant......overjoyed. This may seem a little trivial but will I be able to fly to the US on a family holiday in the middle of november if by baby is due on 21st January???
mrs van Posts: 210
I would check with the airline, from the internet Flying in the third trimester is still safe so long as your due date is not too close. However, the possibility of going into premature labor is something to consider before you take off. Before you leave, double check that your health insurance is up-to-date and that your baby will be covered if she decides to make an early appearance. You should also ask your doctor or midwife for a medical contact in your destination and carry a copy of your medical records with you. If you do find yourself experiencing regular, painful contractions while en route, then speak up! Notify the cabin crew immediately that you’re having contractions and could be going into labor. You will certainly not be the first women to have ever delivered a baby high above the ground. While the crew is likely trained for just such an emergency, or at least to help with childbirth, your flight will probably make an emergency landing at the closest airport to make sure you get the medical attention you need
sally Posts: 1140
Sorry not sure how many weeks you will be but as far as I know insurance wont cover you if your due within 8 weeks of travel... so you must be at the most just 32 weeks when coming home. Im not sure if airlines will fly you after 32 weeks, prob depends on the airline. If its the states you will really need medical insurance if anything goes wrong and you go into labour as medical costs are crazy over there. Congrats on your pregnancy and hope that helps.