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Mari yay Posts: 4045
So, we're just sitting at home watching the tennis, it's rare we'd be sitting around on a Saturday. The phone rings, withheld number so my husband answers it. It's a woman from Breast Cancer Awareness asking him to sell raffle tickets on their behalf. He politely declined, not only that but went as far as [b:1lcwdn3o]explaining[/b:1lcwdn3o] to her that I'm due a baby soon and he won't have time for it. Then she actually suggested to him that with all the visitors we will be getting with the baby that he would be able to sell tickets to them! Like, seriously, is this for real? Don't even know how they got the house number I'm assuming it was from the phone book as he has no recollection of giving his number to any breast cancer charity, and if he did it would have been his mobile number. I am shocked and appalled, and truly horrified that charities would have to stoop to such levels. I know it must be very tough on charities trying to fundraise, and I do give when and where I can. But to ring your home an suggest that you ask visitors to your home? It's just wrong. Can we do anything about this? Complain? To who? We will be taking the number out of the phonebook, but I'm not having people ringing me here when I have a new baby to care for. We are already plagued with calls from Eircom asking us to go back to them, I'm not having this as well, I am so furious. >:o(
Vanessa Shanessa Jenkins Posts: 241
My parents have had five or six of these recently. Can't imagine there is much you can do except politely decline. Taking your number out of the phone book is a good idea too. Nothing worse than just putting LO to sleep and then the phone waking them up. RE the ones ringing from Eircom, my little brother used to answer and say in his baby voice "I'll ask my mammy" then leave them waiting til they gave up and moved on to someone else :o0
Mari yay Posts: 4045
[quote="Vanessa Shanessa Jenkins":1vuz80ov] RE the ones ringing from Eircom, my little brother used to answer and say in his baby voice "I'll ask my mammy" then leave them waiting til they gave up and moved on to someone else :o0[/quote:1vuz80ov] :o0 He rang Vodafone and they told him any future phone calls that we get, we should ask them not to ring us and they are legally obliged not to ring us again. I also contacted the charity in question.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Oh I get these all the time. They're really annoying. I know charities have to find money somewhere and I suppose I don't mind them actually ringing me up - it's more the method and the nonsense you have to listen to. *Ring ring* Hello, is that Mrs Smileykaz? Yes. Hello Mrs Smileykaz, I'm ringing you today in Your Street Name in Your Town, on behalf of XX Charity to tell you all about the wonderful work we do. Now Mrs Smileykaz, as you're aware we support children and families in blah de blah insert standard charity blurb here. So Mrs Smileykax, the reason I'm riniging you today in Your Estate Name in Kildare is to tell you about our Monster Raffle [it's always a fe*ckin' monster one, no ordinary raffles here!] and all we need you to do Mrs Smileykaz from Kildare is to sell a few wee tickets for us. So I'll send them out then to you Mrs Smileykaz, will I? Eh, no, how about no. How about you don't repeat my name and address back to me in every sentence.. I KNOW MY OWN NAME AND ADDRESS. It doesn't make the phonecall more personal, it doesn't make me like you more it makes me think you're IN THE BUSHES! You f*cking stalker! I don't know what your charity is, I have no connection to your charity, I've never signed up for your charity, you don't know me, so stop acting like you do. If you rang up and said 'Hello, I'm sorry to disturb you and I realise this is annoying but times are tough. I'm ringing on behalf of XX Charity - are you interested in talking to me?' I'd probably have more respect. Husband and I support local charities here, the St Vincent de Paul and the local St John of God service as well as my hsuband's school, we do the Lotto, buy calendars, buy raffle tickets. We go to table quizzes on behalf of local charities and I never pass a bucket collection or bag packers in the local area so I do give to charity as much as we can. So far this year I think I've got at least six phonecalls all asking me to sell tickets. It's not fair on me, or my friends that I'd be flogging these tickets to. Enough is enough like.
Roxanne Posts: 3201
I just say as quickly as possible 'Sorry, can I stop you there. This isn't a good time. And please don't call this number again. Thank you'. And hang up. They are legally obliged to remove your number from their datebase if you tell them not to call. DH works from home. He is too polite for his own good and always gets caught. There was one company that phoned him and when he said it wasn't a good time they replied 'Okay, when would be a good time?' and then kept on calling him daily! I answered the phone one day and cut them off straight away saying the above, and he stood there looking at me in awe saying ' How did you DO that?' Then he asked me to write out a script which he now keeps by the phone to read from! :o0 I hate cold callers but I also feel it must be a terrible job, so do I try not to be any ruder than I have to be...
mrs mammy Posts: 1487
My mil made the mistake of taking the tickets once for Temple Street (she never sold any, ended up buying them herself) and now they bombard her. There are a few different ones constantly asking her to sell tickets she cant get rid of them, I think she feels guilty saying no.
Mari yay Posts: 4045
I don't mind them ringing it's just the suggestion that because we will have a baby in the house and therefore some visitors that we would take advantage of that on behalf of the charity. That's what annoyed me, the men are too soft she's lucky I didn't answer the phone.
happieout Posts: 3111
I would just say no quickly, I certainly wouldn't be explaining myself or giving them more information about myself. You don't know if the call is genuine.
Bride2be040812 Posts: 1182
It sounds like direct marketing. Charities can purchase lists of phone numbers of people who have donated in the past to a similar charity or purchase from a company. Sometimes if you donate online or purchase something online and you have ticked a box by mistake saying that they can share your information with a third party. Once they call and you say no they are legally bound to remove you from the list.
eefc Posts: 1201
My dads response I think is the best: "Hello, can I speak to Mr xxxxx or Mrs xxxxx please?" My dad "Who's calling ?" "Its xxxx calling on behalf of xxxxx charity/company/network" My dad " Oh this is my parents house, they aren't able to come to the phone as they are both deaf. Please don't call again" First time I heard it I had to be picked up off the floor, in a heap of laughter!!!