Floral Arrangements

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rn2110 Posts: 69
Has anyone bought floral arrangements for outside the church? dont know much about flowers so dont know whats available. im looking for 2 fairly big potted trees/plants. something with flowers/folliage.
iwantone Posts: 176
hi 20aug10, who is doing the flowers for your bridal party? are you already getting flowers for the church? Our church already has 2 baytrees outside so the florist is going to decorate them with ribbon and some red flowers. i know that they also have them to rent if you need them. maybe check with the florist :wv they mughyt have pots/trees for rent.
excitednerjabride Posts: 869
bay trees wouls be th emost common thing for outside the church, check with your florist she might have 2 to rent or something. There are some in woodies, garden centre beside frascati centre, superquinn at the mo...the ones in frascati centre are absolutely fab but expensive..check with your florist first
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
bay trees would be lovely outside the chapel. Think i might go for that