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Dunvara Posts: 127
hi all, hope you don't mind me asking bt I was wondering what kind of money people are paying for florists. I got a quote for approx 900euros. Are people decorating their church with much flowers/spending much? Thanks.
Westernlass Posts: 92
Depends on if a floral designer or a florist. Tell the your budget and they work around it usually. I'm paying 750e but no church in that
lorrimar Posts: 837
That seems expensive. We are having a civil ceremony in the hotel and are paying €520 for flowers. That's for my bouquet of lilies and orchids, 3 BM bouquets of gerberas, 6 buttonholes, arrangement for unity candles and 2 large pedestal arrangements for the ceremony.
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
I aim to spend no more than 400. Iv a small bridal party & wil have very few church flowers. If for any reason none of that is within the budget then I will do bridal party only. Some of the packages I seen were about 600 - 900 but these were way out of my range. I think u could prob spend any amount on flowers so give the florist a set figure to work around would be my advice.
lisavd Posts: 63
We would love to have lots of flowers but I was quite shocked by the prices when we asked around for quotes. Basic wedding packages started at 300 and went up to 1600. We were surprised that different florists offered us the exact same packages and at the exact same prices so we were wondering whether they actually fix prices to keep them high. If going for a florist I would do individual/bespoke packages only. We actually decided for budget reasons to do our own flower arrangements. We found some websites that do wholesale flowers at great rates. I am worried that it will get a little stressful so I am still leaving the option open to order the bridal bouquets and buttonholes from a professional and only do the room decoration flowers ourselves.
Dunvara Posts: 127
Thanks guys, I think I will go back to them and ask them to take another look at it, think I ll price around a bit. The flowers were quite important to me, bt at the same time I feel like it is such a waste of money.