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piptypibe Posts: 122
Hi, Hope this doesn't seem like a daft question! I'm just not sure! :-8 Does my bridal bouquet be the colour of my (one) bridesmaid's dress and does she have a white bouquet? Or do the flowers be the same colour as we are wearing? Or are both a mixture of each colour but if so how would you know the difference between our bouquets or is there even a difference between the two? Many thanks in advance! :thnk
JustBecause Posts: 3242
You can do what ever you want. Generally the bride's bouquet is bigger. I think it is more traditional (not positive) for the bride to carry white but I prefer the contrast of a coloured bouquet against the white dress.
orgbride1 Posts: 47
Alot of the brides boquets i've seen lately are white but i want a contrast to my dress, my bridesmaids are wearing black so their flowers will be red (xmas wedding) and i hope to have mine white and red. if you aren't going for all white then most people try to tie in some of the colours from the bridesmaid and groomsmen. but you can have anything you want at all.
Laila K Posts: 593
You can decide...my florist said it looks best to have flowers matching your own dress, but I've seen so many others that are not like this and they look fab too...so whatever you prefer
petersgirl Posts: 1568
For ages I was of the opinion to go with off-white flowers witha bit of greenery. The more I've been wedding planning I quite fancy a splash of colour, so think I'll go for a mix of white and BM colour which is a pinky/purple. You can have what you want really :wv I might get the BMs to have white, or possible a smaller version of mine. Not that mine will be that big :eek
dreamscometrue2012 Posts: 1769
I'm thinking mine will be cream, with bits of purple/pinks and some green as my bms dresses are going to be a deep plum/burgundy...my bms will prob be smaller versions of mine.. the B mag has some great ideas in the latest edition
Elban26 Posts: 2458
My BMs wore pink, and I had dolce vitae rose bouquet. My BMs had pink flowers with one dolce vitae rose in the middle.
piptypibe Posts: 122
Awe thanks a mil ladies for your very helpful advice! Much appreciated! (Didn't want to not have a clue in front of florist!!!)
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
Neither me or my BMs had white in our bouquets. I love green so I had greenish Illusion roses and my BMs had pink flowers with green leaves. (Probably not describing them very well). :-8 There's not rule afaik that white has to be in anyones bouquet.
starbar10 Posts: 991
I am having Cream roses with orange calla lillies in the centre and the bm are having the reverse cala lillies with cream roses in the centre. Having a cream bunch would be too traditional for me and not my personality at all. I love splashes of colour - purple tights with mundane black to work anything to give myself a bit of colour and personality! This wway i am mixing the traditional boquet with what I like. Everyone should do what they want