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littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Thanks for all the help everyone. Hope to find one, before they are all sold out again. :thnk
Irebride2009 Posts: 211
Has anybody seen the dresses in white?
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I saw white ones in M&S, Debenhams and lovely ones in Barnardos, Dun Laoghaire. They are all brand new, so don't worry about them being from a charity shop. Will look in Dunnes tomorrow and see if they have white ones for you.
Irebride2009 Posts: 211
Thanks Gra but pls dont go to any trouble. I have checked the Galway shops and they only have them in Ivory. Was just wondering did the girls who bought them see them in white.
po Posts: 439
I think they are excellent value for the price of them. Just think what is the point in paying a fortune for a dress that probably won't be the same colour as they where when they where first put on them. With TK Maxx when there new stock comes in, its a different style dress each time. I went in on friday evening when i got mine and they had loads of them. You might just ask to be sure though.
kittykat09 Posts: 38
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I went to dunnes in Liffey Valley today. No white ones and none in my nieces size of the ivory ones. I rang my sister and she said my other sister had got some but they looked awful on my niece so they are now out of the picture. Saw white ones in M&S. They were €150. I then found an ivory one in Monsoon. It was €85. I got them to hold it for a few days, as at the same time my sister had my niece trying on others elsewhere. Going to Belfast tomorrow, so might find something there. Does anyone know if shops in Dublin will change things bought in their Northern Ireland branches?
marquise Posts: 595
I was in Debenhams on Henry Street today and they have new stock - they have gorgeous flower girl dresses in white, ivory and pink. They were between €90 - €110. The same ones are on their website starting from £55 so might be worth looking at them in Belfast!
Irebride2009 Posts: 211
[quote="kittykat09":x4ffva6u][quote="AugBride09":x4ffva6u]Girls Im in Galway and they only seem to have these dresses in Ivory. Has anybody seen the dresses in white?? If so , which store?[/quote:x4ffva6u] AugBride 09 could you tell me which dunnes in galway you saw the ivory in? I tried Briarhill today and they are not in stock there. thks[/quote:x4ffva6u] They are in Terryland Kittykat. Lots of them in the ivory the day I was in.
saw these dresses today....just to note they are they are not floor length when they are on...well they weren't on my daughter anyway who is average height for her age also the shoes that I saw beside them to match...were not ivory they are cream just a bit of info before people start driving into town to see them!!