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Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
well girls i got mine on saturday for h2b niece shes 8 in november and weddings on new years day so i got a size 9 dress and a size 2 in shoes as the 13 was just fitting her and just incase she grows am delighted with them *) :thnk :wv
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
[quote="marquise":ivm5te8d]I was in Debenhams on Henry Street today and they have new stock - they have gorgeous flower girl dresses in white, ivory and pink. They were between €90 - €110. The same ones are on their website starting from £55 so might be worth looking at them in Belfast![/quote:ivm5te8d] My niece tried some dresses on in Debenhams yesterday and none of them fit her. I am not buying anything now for her, when she is not with me. I am sure we will find something before August.
kittykat09 Posts: 38
[quote="AugBride09":3byuricn][quote="kittykat09":3byuricn][quote="AugBride09":3byuricn]Girls Im in Galway and they only seem to have these dresses in Ivory. Has anybody seen the dresses in white?? If so , which store?[/quote:3byuricn] AugBride 09 could you tell me which dunnes in galway you saw the ivory in? I tried Briarhill today and they are not in stock there. thks[/quote:3byuricn] They are in Terryland Kittykat. Lots of them in the ivory the day I was in.[/quote:3byuricn] thanks AugBride09, I got one there this wk. If I see them anywhere in white I'll let you know..
janers Posts: 37
If you ring the Dunnes head office they should be able to tell you which store has stock of the dresses
newyear09wife Posts: 899
Ooh wil have to pick one of these up... you cant beat a plain ivory dress ... sure ya can always add a bit of co-ordinating ribbo to tie it ine with your scheme....!!! also heard mothercare had some nice ones any one know price range>?