Flower girl dresses? Preferably non fussy.. success update

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wedsoon Posts: 172
Hi, Can anyone reccommend where to go for flowergirl dresses? I did have a look around a while ago and saw some options in Dunnes, Mothercare etc, but was wondering what anyone has seen in the last couple of months. I want something fairly simple, while the dresses they have in Debenhams are lovely they're a little too fussy for the style of wedding I'm having. Any pointers would be really appreciated - I've run out of wedding steam and enthusiasm and I think I'll need to go shopping for this next weekend. Ta.
boobies Posts: 1625
I got mine in Adams, not sure if they are still there but worth a look ;)
BlushingB Posts: 1634
I didn't like the ones in the bridal section of Debenhams. However, in their kiddies section they have the cutest ones. The make is 'Tiger Lilly'. They're not as 'stuffy' as the usual kind of thing. They've gorgeous accessories, little boleros and hair clips to go with them.
wedsoon Posts: 172
Great thanks, yes I found the ones in Debenhams a bit grown up and puffy for a 4 year old, although I'm sure she'd love it but I think she'd end up looking more bridal than me! I'll check out that other brand. Where abouts is there an Adams store? I know there's on in Stillorganm but is there another shop in the city?
BlushingB Posts: 1634
Adams are in St. Stephen's green shopping centre and also in Arnotts. There's probably other outlets too, but they're the two that spring to mind.
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
[img:11e9sfty]http://www.next.co.uk/items/X37/shotview/546/977-057-X37w.jpg[/img:11e9sfty] How about these ones from next?
naughty nuptials Posts: 517
I was also going to suggest Next - they have a great range of non-fussy dresses, starting from about GBP20 - if there's a big store near you, they should have a good selection. There are some on the website, but more in the catalogue. We found a gorgeious little pink one for our 5 year old flowergirl.
wedsoon Posts: 172
That's a lovely one from Next, didn't think they did them, I had a look in the Dundrum Next last week but didn't see anything. But that looks really nice.
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
I think they only have them in the larger stores - a girl in the one on grafton st told me to try liffey valley, blanch and dundrum. So maybe try liffey valley or blanch. I'm going to leave it a while before I buy them in case the FGs grow!
mummy bear Posts: 3824
Hi girls, i am in the same boat as you all are, i have the next catalogue here got it in blanch, there are only two types of FG dresses in it and are plain and dainty, my twin daughters are my FG, and will be four in Nov i am going to wait until sept to purchase as they are growing like there is no tomorrow! Ill keep you informed! DD