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fossy Posts: 59
hi girls just wondering where your all getting your flower girl dresses from?
wannababba Posts: 1161
I got mine in Debenhams, Dunnes have some really pretty ones but they are ivory, if anyone is having an ivory dress the flower girls dresses are only €35.00!!!! they were really pretty but just didnt come in white :o(
chefmaid Posts: 2426
Got mine in Dunnes and i love them.. Think they are all sold out now - havent seen then in a few weeks
fossy Posts: 59
thats typical dresses sold out in dunnes....i work there and never thought to look :duh:
marianf Posts: 5845
They still have a good few in Dunnes in the Square, I saw them on Wednesday. Dunnes have a new white summer dress in with netting underneath which are just gorgeous and could easily be used as FG dresses IMO
barley Posts: 858
Monsoon have some really lovely ones in now, have a look at their site [url:2ffoypy6]http://www.monsoon.co.uk[/url:2ffoypy6]. If you do see something you like, try on in the shop and then order online as the exchange te is more favourable. I bought mine in [url:2ffoypy6]http://www.freemans.ie[/url:2ffoypy6] and they are gorgeous and come with a little bag. They were €69 each with a 10% discount for new customer and they arrived within 3 days. I adore the Monsoon stuff but they didn't have anything in at the time but they do now. I also saw some gorgeous dresses in Du Pareil Au Meme yesterday, have a look at their website also [url:2ffoypy6]http://www.dpam.com[/url:2ffoypy6]
oddy Posts: 177
I also got mine in Dunnes (blanchardstown) €37.50 per aged 9. I am delighted with them, they are beautiful on the girls.
honeyec Posts: 969
I got mine in Dunnes too! €32 each and they are gorgeous on the girls - I'm delighted with them. Also got their cardis in Dunnes and will probably get the shoes in Danceworld.
sucabo Posts: 324
Got mine in Mothercare sale...€25. My flowergirls are only aged 2 and 3 so def wasn't spending loads of money on dresses that will end up filthy by dinner time!
Sweetcheeks08 Posts: 317
I got mine in Debenhams [img:33o02jb0]http://www.debenhams.com/images/products/xlg/20080111_232020696285_XLG.JPG[/img:33o02jb0]