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Pricetag Posts: 1306
Where did you get yours? (and how much :-8 ) I'm going into town this Saturday or if you think I would be better off going to Dundrum/Liffey Valley/Blanchardstown please do say!!! So far places I can think of are Debenhams and Dunnes!!! Where else should I be looking? She is 6. Thanks a lot O-O
Leela2011 Posts: 83
Hey my sis got two lovely age 5-6 dresses and a 7-8 in Monsoon, Cork for 30eur. Not much left in Dundrum from what I remember
luckyladee Posts: 2550
I bought mine from another lovely wollie and it's beautiful. If you don't find anything in town - make sure to keep an eye on Buy&Sell
Pricetag Posts: 1306
thanks for those suggestions girls, I will have a look at b&s aswell cheers :)
dublinredhead Posts: 917
Someone was telling me the other day they say gorgeous FG dresses in TK Max.... might be worth a look?
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I got Dessy dresses for my FGs/JBMs and they were €145 each!
Pricetag Posts: 1306
[quote="ohsotired":26a87iny]I got Dessy dresses for my FGs/JBMs and they were €145 each![/quote:26a87iny] That's a little over my budget, I'm hoping to get one for €60 at an absolute push! Am I being unrealistic here?! :-8 I will definitely try TK Maxx, there's one in Stephen's Green.
pinklady2 Posts: 402
no you are not being unrealisitc with a €60 budget. Keep any eye on Dunness if you do not find anything when you go into town. They have lovely flower girl dresses that come in every year could be in next month. I am hoping to get mine there they are €35each. :)
rosebelle Posts: 346
Yes Dunnes usually get in some lovely dresses, coming up to Communion season, which is prob in another 4 weeks.
Pricetag Posts: 1306
Yea I saw some goregous dresses in Dunnes last year for around €30, I was gonna buy one then but I thought it was too risky for the age she is, she would probably be too big for it! Aw I can't wait for Saturday, she's so cool! Everytime I see her-when are we going shopping for my dress! She's gonna love it! Brought her to Disney on Ice and she decided there and then she wanted to be a Disney Princess :o0