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Sj85 Posts: 7
Hi all, I am looking for some flowergirl wands, seem so hard to find! I have checked ebay and they are either very expensive or a bit on the tacky side! Can anyone tell me anywhere in Ireland to get them?
NiamhNiG Posts: 176
I've seen a few for sale. There have been some discussed on this forum Adverts online I love this one myself and maybe these as I've lots gathered! Good luck
Dunvara Posts: 127
Hi our flowers supplier is providing these for 10euros each, can you getting it from Him/her?
allaboutweddings Posts: 813
Hi, We make flowergirl wands and I have some samples on the website but if you have any ideas yourself I would be happy to make them up for you - just mail me on :wv [attachment=4:36grq20s]Palest_pink_wand.jpg[/attachment:36grq20s] [attachment=3:36grq20s]dusty pink wand.jpg[/attachment:36grq20s] [attachment=2:36grq20s]ivory wand (1).jpg[/attachment:36grq20s] [attachment=1:36grq20s]Lilac_rosebud_wand.jpg[/attachment:36grq20s] [attachment=0:36grq20s]vinatge_pastel_wand_2.JPG[/attachment:36grq20s]