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Elaine08 Posts: 13
What is everyone spending on flowers for their wedding? just looking for rough ideas. was budgeting around €500. Is this enough
Augbride08 Posts: 158
Hi Elaine08 Have you visited florist to get an idea of prices? We said we were not spending a lot on flowers but the quotes i got forthe bouquets alone was between 100 - 125 for mine and 65-90 for the b/m. That alone would be the guts of 500. (i have 4 bms) and the flowers for the church. If you know someone who could arrange them you could buy a lot of flowers in the smithfield market for that. I am not sure if this helps or confuses you
MrsDecemberBride07 Posts: 594
ours are costing €1028 for the lot: 2 bouquets 4 button holes 3 corsages 3 presentation bouquets 4 arrangement for graves 2 trees for outside the church 2 arrangements for the alter & 2 pedestals for behind the alter 6 candles & arrangements of berries for the windows arrangement of berries for the memorial candle gerbera and material for pew ends flowers for cake Edited to say: ours are probably a bit more expensive as it's Christmas
Valkstar Posts: 2747
I'm getting Brides bouquet 3 bm bouquets 6 buttonholes 2 corsages Pew ends for €350. Flowers for the venue are working out at another couple of hundred, and I've to check with the church about the flowers there. Our budget is €800, which is a good deal for what we're getting.
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv Do shop around drifferent Florist's as the price's can vary hugely...
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
Where are you based? our budget is €500 too. found a florist in kells and she quoted me €390 for: My bouquet 4 bm corsages 2 mob & mog pin corsages 8 buttonholes 2 large arrangements for the church 2 small arrangements for the church (altar) Thought this was pretty good! One thing I would recommend is to shop around. I was initially looking in florists in the town where Im from and i just decided to try the next town over and lo and behold they were much much cheaper.
Frustrated Bride to be Posts: 64
Im getting bridal bouquet 2 bridesmaid bouquets 2 flowergirl bouquets 3 presentation bouquets 10 button holes 2 mother crosages 2 trees for outside of church 2 alter arrangements All for €390.00 which is a very good deal as i know she is very good also as she did the flowers for my sisters wedding 3 weeks ago. Shop around
newyear08 Posts: 580
It will depend when your getting married & what you actually want. I'm having : 2 B/maids 1 flowergirl 2 presentation B 10 Button Hole's 2 pedestals & 1 alter My flowers 10 large centre piece's for hotel all for 1180 which is fantastic as I am new year's eve. Shop around & if any one is arty buy flowers in market & still will also save some money :wv
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
[quote:tcsbb9gq]all for 1180 which is fantastic as I am new year's eve. Shop around & if any one is arty buy flowers in market & still will also save some money [/quote:tcsbb9gq] Holy moley that seems like a lot New Year 08 is that because its new years?
newyear08 Posts: 580
Yeah Grace Ann yeah it New year's eve - but I found it really hard to even get a florist as alot of them close Xmas eve and don't open until 3/4th Jan O:| But the table centre piece's are large floral displays & includes hire of candlebras. All round I think it's really good value :-8