Flowers in your hair?

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cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Hello ladies, Chatting with OH last night, he said he imagined me with flowers in my hair on our wedding day. I've never thought about that, would have thought they would wilt or fall out or whatever. Thinking about it today, I'm liking the idea more and more. It could look very fresh and pretty if done right. I'm thinking of a less "done" looking version of this: [img:39u2fb66][/img:39u2fb66] So just wondering, did any of you have a flower / flowers in her hair on the big day? Anyone planning on it? Any advice or thoughts?
mini mouse Posts: 213
wow loving this hair style!!! its so pretty.... i think flowers are lovely in the hair i have never had it done so dont no if they would wilt bu you could take them out after your meal if they did?? in this weeks Dont Tell The Bride her Bm's had flowers in there hair and it looked amazing...
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Thanks Mini! Live abroad, so unfortunately don't get to watch Don't Tell The Bride :o(
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
oh yeah I think that if you picked the right style it would be lovely. You could always get another little something something for later on in the night if you wanted to change our style!
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Thanks Columbo! Still wondering about the wilting / falling out issue though - anyone know anything about that?
workingmom Posts: 3429
How very rosemantic of your OH, TBH, flowers would be different from those god awful over-used tiaras.
MaggieBee Posts: 1047
I've been thinking of this too, maybe one biggish flower at the back for when I take off the veil, haven't really looked into it yet but I had been thinking fake flowers so wouldn't have to worry about wilting? And I'm sure what ever way you're getting your hair done your hairdresser can put them in for you so shouldn't fall out? I think they look really lovely!
roma2011 Posts: 1208
I was thinking of using fresh flowers but was talking a hairdresser recently who would do a lot of weddings and she said to steer well clear of fresh flowers. She said they're a nightmare to get wired and into hair, and then to stay in, all without bruising/breaking/wilting. You'd defo need a back-up style for later. And if you have to do that then what's the point? She said to go with silk flowers or else just a small simple comb. I was actually surprised actually because she said she goes and stocks up on suitable simple but bridal looking combs in Claires Accessories for brides who don't know what they want, and said they always look fab! I thought she'd be raving about bridal shop hairpieces but she said they're a waste of money because at the end of the day no-one is going to be examining your haircomb in that much detail asking "are they real pearls?" It was an eye-opener for me anyway! I think sometimes we get a bit brainwashed into thinking we have to have the real deal of everything for our wedding day, that more expensive is better, when really that isn't the case. She isn't doing my hair for the wedding either and knows there's no hope of it (I'm getting married abroad), so she was just giving general advice with no agenda. I love the floral look though, so I'm prob going to fake it.
dresstoimpress Posts: 1719
I love flowers, and thinking of doing this too. That hairstyle is beautiful. Not sure about the wilting issue. Bouquets and decorations don't really wilt so I think it should be okay, but it might be good to get some advice from a florist.Concerning the wiring, I suppose it depends on how many flowers you want, and where your putting them. I'm thinking of a curly loose pin-up with a couple of fresh flowers pinned in to one side something like this but with flowers [img:i7wn8un8][/img:i7wn8un8] [img:i7wn8un8][/img:i7wn8un8]
MaggieBee Posts: 1047
That looks beautiful dresstoimpress, love the curls!! This is along the lines of what I was thinking: [attachment=0:2vc2rz5l]ariellekebbel.jpg[/attachment:2vc2rz5l]