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goingmad Posts: 657
HI wollies!! Need a bit of help --- meeting with the florist next week but can't decide on flowers - any ideas of what will go with my ivory dress & this bridesmaid dress? [img:2f4cgtln][/img:2f4cgtln] Thanks girlies *) *) *)
bring it on aug 07 Posts: 414
What about if you had a creme coloured roses or tulips or lillies with a few pink ones and the bridesmaids had just creme one [img:3caxclyq][/img:3caxclyq] [img:3caxclyq][/img:3caxclyq] [img:3caxclyq][/img:3caxclyq] [img:3caxclyq][/img:3caxclyq] Hope these will give you a few ideas :wv
goingmad Posts: 657
Bringiton, you're the best, I love all of these!! thank you so much!
bring it on aug 07 Posts: 414
no bother at all, happy to help. best of luck with the wedding not long now
sunsparks Posts: 2196
Goingmad - I love your BM dress!!! Where did you get it? I've been looking at roses too - took some persuasion as I loved peonies and ranunculus, but my Italian florist refused to do them! Why not check out peonies too? Go to the Planning section of - there are some fantastic ideas and you can choose by colour!
Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
[img:24wu32yh][/img:24wu32yh] what about something like that??? and maybe plain cream orchids for yourself?
Maria1970 Posts: 50
Let your florist come up with ideas. It's her area of expertise....
CamelliaKelly Posts: 207
hi goingmad, ive got the same dresses for my BM and ive an ivory dress also. here are some pics of the type of flowers that im using. one of my good friends is a florist so ive got loads of info coming out my ears! [img:1jj9s41s][/img:1jj9s41s] [img:1jj9s41s][/img:1jj9s41s] [img:1jj9s41s][/img:1jj9s41s] [img:1jj9s41s][/img:1jj9s41s] [img:1jj9s41s][/img:1jj9s41s]