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bigday10 Posts: 13
Hi, getting married in Aug 2010 and just wondering how much are you paying for your flowers? What is the average price for bouquets, button holes and church flowers, i don't have a clue! Thanks
WohooJul09 Posts: 205
I got quotes at the weekend €770 to €800 This is for my bouquet, 2 BMs 14 button holes, flowers for altar, flowers for windows, 2 corsages, and hire of bay trees I'm having roses. I went to 4 different places and they were all generally the same price.
Best of Buds Posts: 227
Hiya, flower prices can vary from florist to florist. If you look on our website on the prices page you might get an idea of what you are likely to pay. We cater for any budget no matter how big or small and are offering 10% off plus free decorated bay tree hire. Carrie :thnk
ela28 Posts: 2552
hiya I was quoted 650,same woman has quoted some girls off this site as little as 450,she's very reasonable and very nice to deal with hth :wv