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tarad1982 Posts: 23
I'm just starting to look into flowers. Booked in to go and see a florist who was charging €50 for a consultation. Now this was waived if you booked your flowers with them - but still! Is this normal practice or completely stark raving bonkers?!!?!? Isn't there supposed to be a recession??
babybambino Posts: 940
I went with one recommended to me so I don't know what the general consensus is but I would go to a different florist because of that. You'd feel under pressure to go with them because you didn't want to waste the 50 euro
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
Rediculous really charging any price for a consulation, and yes we are in a recession I got a great consultation when getting mine but sure can't remember any of it now and have changed colours of BM dresses since too but I will have another meeting with the florist closer to the time. still 6 mths or so to go. My deal from a Kerry florist is €600 for all below! Bride Bouquet. 3 BM 10 Rose Corsages 2 Orchid Corsages Flower Girl Basket/hand tie 2 Large Pedestals 10 Organza pews with Ivy & flowers on or under Alter with candles I throw bouquet 2 Thank you bouquets for the mammys. I thought this is a great idea having 'packages' I hope I got good value cause I didn't try any other florist! but we have allow for a lot more in our budget.
tarad1982 Posts: 23
Oh I've no intention of going with them, I cancelled it straight away. In fact they didn't even tell me there was a charge - I saw it in the teeny weeny print on a leaflet I'd just happened to get through the door....isn't that kinda illegal not to specify if there's gonna be a charge?!
bridiex Posts: 48
Thats just crazy. Surely this would prevent you from shopping around for a florist and you would feel that you had to stay with the one florist. Imajine going to 4 florists to get a price thats €200 :eek and if that €50 was in the small print what else were they hiding! I have to say I'm getting a little pi**ed off with all the rip offs once the word 'wedding' is mentioned! My florist gave me the option of coming to me or going to her house. I went to her and spent 2 hours with her with my Mother, sister and cousin. No charge and she gave me a great price and also threw in some extras like free topiary trees outside the church. I'm meeting her at the church next week also with no charge. Even though we're not getting married untill next year I feel great to have this some bit sorted.
LittleFoot Posts: 480
That sounds pretty dodgy to be honest, they must be struggling to get customers for what ever reason!
buds and berries Posts: 565
Morning ladies, Just to let you know, that many florists do charge the consultation fee (Buds doesn't by the way but there are other areas where we may not be as competitive as some of our competition and this is the risk we have chosen to take) but to be fair to those florists that do there is a good reason for doing it. The florists that charge often agree to meet the couple wherever the couple wants i.e. at their own home for convenience to the brides sake. There is often quite a bit of preparation involved in advance of the meeting on the florists part, at least I know in our case this is so and hence florists are only asking for a paid consultation fee to cover both their travel and indeed expertise expenses. If you want to book a particular florist then check this term out with them first. There may be an option to visit the florist at their premises which could possibly save on the fee. My advice is do not cancel a florist/wedding planner on this basis as generally at the moment each business is offering some kind of offer to brides at the moment and you should consider the final price list aswell as the capabability of your florist before booking anyone. At the consequence of sounding blunt, businesses have to protect themselves these days from people who are just coming in looking for ideas and names of flowers so that they can just go and order them themselves through an online market wholesaler and then get a family friend to put the arrangements together. By charging for your time and expertise this can often put these people off. While I fully understand anyone doing this due to the recession, businesses must protect themselves as much as possible. What i deifinitely would not be happy with is the fact that the shop in question did not advise you that there was a 50 euro charge at the time of booking. anyway, good luck with your search for a florist you are happy with and hopefully I have allayed some of your fears arising from this instance. My main piece of advice is if you are not happy with someone, then tell them directly that you have concerns and let them explain the situation along with any alternatives they can offer you. Good luck, Felicity @ Buds
mandibee Posts: 305
I had a consultation with a local florist and they charged me E30 which was made very clear when i called to book. I went in when the shop was closed & she spent about an hour and a half with me. She also explained that the reason for the charge was because they found they were spending alot of time with people, helping them pik out flowers, giving people ideas & advise, making up detailed qoutes etc, and then they found that people were getting their aunties, etc to do their flowers so therefore the florist had their time wasted! If i go with the florist the e30 is deducted from the cost but to be honest i think the charge is fair enough.