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Izzie99 Posts: 21
Hi Was just wondering did everyone get their flu injection by now, I am a little bit anxious about it, I have never had the flu at all so is there a need for it. My last doc appointment was a month ago & she never even mentioned it and I forgot to ask. Should I make an appointment to get it asap, what are your thoughts?
Sue79 Posts: 175
Hi Izzie, I got a few of them years ago when our company covered the cost of them but other than that I haven't. When I was pregnant on DS they were recommending the Swine Flu jab as the outbreaks were quite large at the time, but I wasn't comfortable having it done. When I asked my GP at the time, he told me that he wasn't going to persuade me one way or another.... In the end, I didn't have it and thankfully I was fine. I'm lucky though as I don't have any underlying health issues, ie asthema etc, but if I did - I probably would have to consider it. Definately not going for it this time around.... but its entirely up to you. My opinion is that a womans body is built for carrying a baby and therefore in most cases can handle anything (within reason of course) like a tummy bug/cold/flu etc Sue
Mamabear Posts: 53
Hi Izzie, I got my flu vaccine the other day. Both my GP and Consultant advised me to get it. I also had it on my last pregnancy just over a year ago with no side effects. This is taken from the HSE website and is reason enough for me to have got it: Pregnant women should be given flu vaccine as they are [b:33pj95ms]at higher risk of severe complications from flu[/b:33pj95ms]. Flu vaccine protects pregnant women during pregnancy and [b:33pj95ms]provides ongoing protection to their newborn baby during their first few months of life[/b:33pj95ms]. Link to information leaflet here: http://www.immunisation.ie/en/Downloads ... 071_en.pdf Also, info from the NHS website in the UK: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Flu-jab/Pa ... edone.aspx There is strong evidence to suggest that pregnant women have an increased risk of developing complications if they get flu, particularly from the H1N1 strain. If you are pregnant, you will benefit from the flu vaccine because it: reduces your risk of developing serious complications, such as pneumonia, particularly in the later stages of pregnancy reduces your risk of having a miscarriage or your baby being born too soon or with a low birthweight, due to flu will help protect your baby because they will continue to have some immunity to flu for the first few months of their life Just my tuppence worth, Mamabear
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
When i went to the doc to confirm my pregnancy she said to go back to her after 12 week scan and we would discuss the flu vaccine. Maybe give your doc a quick call
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
Definitely definitely get it. I can't recommend it enough, especially as it'll pass the immunity on to the baby for the first few months after birth. I got the vaccine myself when I was pregnant last year. I've seen first hand the effects of flu on pregnant ladies and its terrible. It's completely safe and one less thing to worry about.
puddin2 Posts: 1093
Can it be given at any stage of pregnancy??
frisp Posts: 174
I got it a few weeks ago as it was recommended by the doctor :)
Bluebear Posts: 1594
I got the flu vaccine last winter when I was about six months pregnant. I have asthma & work with the public so it was recommended I get it. I ( and baba) had no side effects and didn't catch as much as a sniffle during my pregnancy so I would suggest getting it.
marles Posts: 1397
I got the flu vaccine last week and also got it when I was pregnant with my DD. I have never had the flu but being pregnant weakens your immune system and as such your body generally can't fight things that you would normally be able to fight off. I have had no ill effects from it and both my GP and consultant advised it. It is very much a personal choice and a decision you can only make yourself. For me I felt it was important to get it.
Izzie99 Posts: 21
Thanks everyone for the advice, I think I will go ahead and get it, its sound like prevention is better than cure for flu when pregnant and good to know it protects baby when born too. Thanks again :wv