Flu Injection

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elli may Posts: 30
Hi Ladies, Just looking for advice opinions, currently 30 weeks pregnant and am wondering if I should get flu injection ? Have got it in previous pregnancy when was bout 16 weeks pregnant, have doctor during week and will ask then what to do then...?
Pebbles2014 Posts: 60
I had it last week, am 33 weeks today so had it at 32. Also had the whooping cough as well. I never really get sick, haven't had the flu in years, and have less than 10 weeks left but having said all that I'm getting to the stage where I'm tired a lot and I have a toddler so I figured better safe than sorry. Especially this time of year, even getting the flu with a newborn would be draining.
winterbridegal Posts: 406
I got it today at 32 weeks. Both consultant and dr recommended it. Done now. Would be afraid I'd get the flu after havin baby when immune system is down. Get whooping cough one at nxt drs appointment.
GPKL Posts: 110
I got it during my pregnancy. I have had a 'real flu' before and honestly have never been so ill so I have run for the injection every year since! If I am fortunate enough to get another bfp I'll do the same again. I also work in a relatively high risk setting though. Each to their own on this type of thing though but I never had any concern!!