Flu Vaccine in Early Pregnancy

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kstars Posts: 34
I am 6 weeks pregnant and booked in for ante natal bloods and flu vaccine on Monday. On my DD who was born in December I didnt get the vaccine but now Doctor is advising it. I dont want to take the risk of not getting it but then worry if there is a risk to my tiny bean. After having 2 MC before I am so cautious at this early stage. Anyone else get the vaccine in very early pregnancy?
wardrobe Posts: 268
hey girl i too have had a mc and my gp and consultant have recommended waiting til after 14 weeks on this preg .. hth
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
i dont think there is any medical reason to wait till 12-14 weeks but in saying that, i didnt get mine till 16 weeks i think. i also think that it depends on when you are in your 2nd and 3rd trimester. the reason i got the vaccine was that i am in my 3rd trimester now and it is flu season. so the risk is higher. but you can get flu anytime!! and your immune system is down for the whole pregnancy. there are many things to consider about when you get the vaccine. i would advise to do some research yourself before deciding what to do.
Bigsurprise Posts: 961
I am undecided also. I will speak to my doctor about it next week. Just wondering does anyone know if you are not prone to colds/flues are you still at as much risk of getting the flu in pregnancy? I have never had a flu and rarely get a cold but dont know if that counts at all now.
gopro Posts: 1801
i had the flu jab at 6 weeks 5 days. had a scan yesterday and babs is fine. every person has different views on it. decided between you and you partner and doctor
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
i was with my consultant yesterday and he said to wait til 14 weeks and then defo get it. bigsurprise, you are more prone to getting sick when you're pregnant as your immune system is compromised. i never, ever get sick and DH always does and i got a vomitting but a few weeks ago and he didn't, i couldn't believe it! i never get colds and have never, ever had the flu but still going to get the vaccine.
Waiting24 Posts: 355
I'm going to book in with my gp and get it once i hit 12 weeks. I work in a hospital so if my immune system is down i'll be prone to picking up everything!! I did have a mc before so my gp did delay me getting it. Make sure you get a mercury free one. There are ones that have mercury in it so that'd be bad....
pag Posts: 633
[quote="Waiting24":pujgrgis] Make sure you get a mercury free one. There are ones that have mercury in it so that'd be bad....[/quote:pujgrgis] The flu vaccine offered this season is a general flu vaccine not specifically for swine flu. Therefore it is not the same as those offered in 2009 which had thiomersal (mercury containing compound). More info for anyone interested - http://www.immunisation.ie/en/AdultImmu ... ccination/