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goldie. Posts: 1233
I got it on both. The fact that it protects the baby for a few months after would swing it for me- my toddler got it and I want never to go through a few days like that again- very frightening. I am extremely surprised that a consultant was recommending not to get it. Check out the side effect for the long term effects of getting a bad flu during pregnancy- it would scare you (increased incidence of heart trouble/metal health issues in later life). I am surprised the consultant who would know this would leave his patients open to this.
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
My own consultant advised me to get it yesterday, said that the swine flu vaccine issue was actually the 'carrier' in the injection that was said to have caused the narcolepsy so I'll get it from my gp next week when Im in.
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
My gp said to me that the guidelines are to get in during pregnancy and at any stage is fine but she said she does not feel comfortable giving it in the first 12 weeks so I'm waiting til then however I won't be 12 weeks til dec so she said that if there is a very bad flu season she will ring me and review the situation
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Not saying anyone has to get but if have to say if anyone has every had the actually flu before, they would probably get the vaccine. I'm not talking about the people who get a cold or a bug and moan about the flu, not taking about man flu, I'm talking full on flu with the aches and pains and falling asleep on a footstool on Christmas Day and going to the doctor on Stephens day after developing pleurisy. I have a condition that puts me in another risk factor for flu and got the shot every year. Never had any problem until the one year I convinced myself it would be fine. Sure I never get sick. I was so wrong. The flu is no joke. I will never make that mistake again.
BabiesInTheNite Posts: 2
Hi Girls, Does anybody know if the seasonal flu vaccine contains thimerosal? I know it appears the benefits of the flu vaccine far outweighs the dangers in getting the flu but im afraid of the long term affects to the unborn baby as thimerosal contains mercury which you are told to avoid during pregnancy so not sure I want it injected into my body!! There is also "meant" to be a link to thimerosal and Autism which may not be evident until your toddler is 3 or 4. Apparently flu vaccines are currently available in both thimerosal-containing and thimerosal-free versions so just wondering what one the GP's are giving out to pregnant women?
bobby2012 Posts: 644
There is no way I would ever get it. They are not properly tested (that I can see) and they are therefore, in my opinion, not safe. I refused to get it on both my pregnancies; I refuse to give it to my kids and my husband refused to take it in work as well. For what it's worth, my GP said that although the official HSE statement is to get it and they should encourage it, display the posters, etc., she personally wouldn't recommend it.
Silini2 Posts: 3834
As far as I know there is no link between thiomersal and ASD and this was made clear at the time of the swine flu vaccine. I think people should make their own decisions but my dd1 had the swine flu vaccine with no effect at all and I had it when pregnant with dd2 and she is fine also... I guess everyone needs to decide what feels right for them
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
The single-dose flu vaccines that are in use in Ireland do not contain thiomersal, or any other form of mercury. The swine flu vaccine out the first year, which came in multi-dose vials, did contain it as far as I can recall (it prevents contamination when the same vial is being used multiple times), but that one isn't available any more. Regardless, there's no evidence of harm from thiomersal despite countless large studies.