Flu vaccine

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lovelybeaches Posts: 22
Hiya ladies, apologies if anyone else has posted a thread on flu vaccine but i couldn't find one. Are you having/have you had the flu vaccine? GP recommending it but i am unsure so early in pregnancy (5 weeks 5 days)
hopeful lady Posts: 280
I'm 5w2d now, was at gp last Fri and was surprised she didn't mention it. The research says it's safe. I've never got it before but part of me feels I should. Very reluctant to get it before 12 weeks.. flu season will be nearly at an end at that stage!
atina Posts: 2240
I got it, I wouldn't usually but you've got to think of ur baby so decided to take my doctors advice
Buttercup x Posts: 535
I got it when I was around 26 or so weeks. I had no side effects from it. I had never got it before but like others the doc recommended that I get it.
Baba2014 Posts: 131
I haven't had it yet but i am going to get it as it's recommended. I wonder can i have it done in the hospital next Monday or do i have to wait for my next doctors appointment?
3for2013 Posts: 145
I got it around 26 weeks or so - no side effects - I trust my doc and he assured me was ok :wv
starting over Posts: 62
I got it at 16 weeks. No side affects whatsoever. With my first baby I got a really bad dose of flu at 7 months which turned into pneumonia. Recovered with no ill affects to baby thankfully but it was a horrible time. I'd rather take the vaccine than risk going through anything like that again.
hoping4no2 Posts: 38
Haven't gotten it yet. Consultant recommended getting after 14 weeks but I'm a little unsure. Having read your post, starting over, I'm beginning to question myself. I don't usually get the flu and have been neurotic about washing my hands so I was hoping that and a boost of vitamin c would keep me safe......
Burnham Posts: 153
My consultant recommended getting after 15 weeks, not before. I will be getting next week!
lovelybeaches Posts: 22
I spoke to midwife friend and she didn't have vaccine when she was pregnant, so have decided not to have it until after the 12 weeks at least.....