Fluid on Baby's Kidney

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NiamhOct06 Posts: 1253
Hi girls I had a scan yesterday and the consultant picked up on 5mm of fluid on my baby's kidney. He wants to re-scan me in a couple of weeks. Of course I went straight to google and heard all sorts of nasty stories etc Any of you know anything about this or have you experienced something similar during your pregnancy?
Poppit Posts: 2042
Oh Niamh, am so sorry to hear this. Could you make an app to see your GP and ask them to explain what this means? Dont google. Its always worse case scenarios on google and can frighten us un-neccessarily. You are in my thoughts :xxx
serenity Posts: 3675
Hi Niamh, I just looked it up on an American site there and this is what it said.... A measurement of 5 mm or less is considered normal. 6-9 mm is probably normal and anything over 10 mm would be called significant and should be monitored closely and the baby should be scanned after birth. I don't know if this helps, but try to speak to a specialist, because seriously reading some websites, would seriously freak you out unecessarily.... Sending you hugs xx
chocaddict Posts: 344
The first article that came up for me when I googled it reads: Fluid in the kidney is a common finding on ultrasounds, especially with boys. The fluid is usually because of the "male plumbing" and sometimes the fluid does not drain as well. So long as there is fluid around the baby and the kidneys otherwise look normal, it should not be a problem. The doctor should measure the fluid in the kidney by ultrasound once a month to make sure that there is not increased fluid. Usually all that is necessary is an ultrasound of the baby's kidneys once he is born. Try not to worry too much :lvs
Clarence Posts: 62
Hi, My sister, at her 20 wk scan, was told the same thing. She, as you did, googled it and worried about it but at the next scan it was gone. We also thought she was having a boy because it normally relates to baby boys but she had a healthy bouncing baby girl who is now 18 months old... Please don't worry about it because it will just stress you out more and you don't want that. Just look after yourself until the next scan and i'm sure all will be well. Chin up. Clarence..