Fluid on baby's kidney

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tilsun Posts: 4506
Hi, I am just looking for some feedback from anyone else who has had this as hospital and GP are giving conflicting advice. At anomaly scan baby had slightly raised fluid levels on kidneys, we were told this is common enough in baby boys, so I wasn't overly worried. I assumed this would be followed up to see that it wasn't increasing but at next appointment was told it wouldn't be followed up until baby was born. I mentioned this today at my gps and she said that I should get back on to hospital and request a follow up scan. Rang the hospital and they wouldn't agree to scan but said I could come in and chat to doc. So I am just wondering if others got follow ups or if you just left it until baby was born? Just want to know what the 'norm' is before I meet doctor. Thanks
tilsun Posts: 4506
Bumping this in the hope that anyone can share their experience. I've now been given conflicting info from within hospital itself so getting a bit peed off with it all. Anyone? It's seeemingly very common
gimmebabyplz Posts: 141
Hi tilsun I don't have any experience of this, I'd take the offer to speak to the doctor and see what he/she says. If both you and your GP are still not happy with information being provided maybe your GP could issue a letter to the hospital requesting further investigation. Hope everything works out well for you.
decemberbaby Posts: 2
Hi Tilsun, I had a growth scan on my second pregnancy at 32 weeks as my first baby didn't grow so well in the final weeks of pregnancy. At the scan the sonographer said that she could see fluid filled sacs on the kidneys and my doctor would discuss this with me at my next appointment. Well needless to say I freaked out when I got home and started thinking the worst but at my appointment my consultant assured me that it was nothing to worry about and it was more than likely just the kidneys processing waste. My baby girl was born healthy at 41 weeks and is a happy 4 month old now. So fingers crossed for you i'm sure everything will be fine but i'd ask to speak to someone to put your mind at ease. xxx
tilsun Posts: 4506
Thanks gimmebabyplz. The hospital are now saying they would prefer to speak directly to my gp, I.thinkthey don't like the fact that she is saying something different to them. Which I understand. I wish everyone would give me the same message. Decemberbaby. Thanks for your reply. Did you have any scans to look at her kidneys after your 32 week one or was it a case of waiting until baby was born. I'm not overly worried as all else looks good. I just can't get a straight answer from the hospital as to why they don't want to follow up - other than high demand in the ultrasound dept! Glad your little one was well
decemberbaby Posts: 2
Hi Tilsun, I didn't have any follow up on it at all when I spoke to my consultant about it she was not concerned in the least and said that it is quite common but that often it doesn't show on the scan at 22 weeks (I attended Wexford General and there is generally only one scan at around 22 weeks ) and it is often visible later in pregnancy but you wouldn't be having a big scan at that stage unless there was a specific reason. I saw my consultant privately and was scanned at each visit so I trusted her opinion. Hope you get some answers soon there is nothing worse than feeling you are not being completely filled in.
blueboots Posts: 833
Hi there This happened to me on DS2. The hospital did bring back for a scan at 32 weeks and all was well. Sorry for short reply I'm on my phone Best of luck x