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Angel2 Posts: 787
Just wondering is everything ok with you today Flutterby? Haven't seen you around the forums today. :wv
NotHere Posts: 10273
Hi hi! :wv Aren't you a pet, thinking of me :thnk I'm just up to my eyes with work, going home now in a mo thank God. Feeling sick today but being busy is keeping my mind of things. Got a monster of a spot on my face, I'd say that's just from lack of sleep though. Better go clear up before the bell goes :o0 Thanks again, hope you are keeping well :xxx
Angel2 Posts: 787
Phew, thank goodness you're ok. It's very unusual not to see you around so really glad to hear that it was only work keeping you from the site. :xxx Sorry to hear you are feeling sick, it'll all be worth it hon. I seem to be feeling sick in the evening time, but not vomitting, just feeling really sicky. Other than that I'm totally excited about my upcoming scan. :lvs Anyway, I'd better head off myself. Take care. :thnk