fluttering/twitching feeling at 6weeks

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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
like i said on my other post i was getting this fluttering feeling last night and its started again. you know when you get a twitching muscle that keeps moving on its own??? thats what it feels like anyone else got this?
Mrs Beasley Posts: 589
Thats what my first movements felt like to be honest. Could you be a bit further along than you thought? I first felt this around 14 wks.
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
no i really don't think so. its exactly what i imagined the baby moving would feel like but not for a couple of months. its so strong even dh could feel it
Mrs Beasley Posts: 589
Well, then I'd say its prob just a trapped nerve, the likes of which you might get in your eye when you're tired. I sometimes get trapped nerves like that in my legs, arms, eyes, etc, so I don't see why someone couldn't get one in the tummy/groin area... especially when everything around that area is being stretched and pulled at the moment anyways.
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
mrs butterfly Posts: 223
i had this feeling also...very early on...i posted on here and everyone said it was stretching etc.......one girl actually said 'oh i wonder if its twins' ha ha i said its probably just wind!!! on my 12wk scan i found out i was expecting TWINS!!! :o)ll Couldn't believe it!!! twins do run in bith mine and hubby's family so was prob inevitable.....just a thought tho :o0 :o0
Dill Posts: 1640
I had something similar a week or two ago actually but am only 7 weeks so convinced myself i was imagining it!!