flying at 22 weeks and expecting twins

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bride20091 Posts: 140
Hi I am due to go away next week and just wondering has anyone else flown at this stage, its only to Europe so not long haul, it just occured to me that the airline might not allow me, anyone any experience of this??
sinion Posts: 6050
You're generally fine to fly up to about 30 weeks but it's always best to just check with your gp first. As long as you have no health issues then there shouldn't be a problem.
bride20091 Posts: 140
Thanks for that, guess I am just afraid that the staff may think I am further along than I actually am and I have no proof to say that I am not, might give the gp a ring and see what she says..
sinion Posts: 6050
The Aer Lingus website has a letter you can print off and get your gp to fill in to bring with you, just with general info and their signature that you're ok to fly.
dec2011B2B Posts: 452
I flew to france at 23 weeks pg with twins consultant just said were flight socks drink plenty of water and move about a good bit and i had no prob's, she also told me to bring my notes with me, have to say i really enjoyed the break :o0 :o0