flying at 28/29 weeks, anyone done it?

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shining star Posts: 877
Hi Girls, I'm just wondering if anyone here took a flight at 28/29 weeks? The airline take people up to 34 weeks, it'll be a 4 hour flight, maybe a bit longer?? I'm going to check with my doc first but I'd love the reassurance of someone that has done it and everything went ok.. We're trying to decide whether to try to get a week away in before the baby arrives or is it safer to just leave it? Thanks for help!! :thnk
Me Julia Posts: 1352
i flew at 25 weeks, there really is no medical problem with it, unless your doctor says you in particular have some condition. However in my opinion i think it depends on how you are finding pregnancy? How is your back etc? I was only flying to uk, went with Ryan air, had to stand in the queue for ages and found it very painful on my back, then the seats on the plane i found very uncomfortable. To be honest i then said that was it i was not flying anymore.
theoracle Posts: 7664
I did, it was a flight to Germany and just over 2 hours long, but I did not fly by myself, which helped - it was very hot at the time - I was swollen like a ballon, but other than that and the discomfort of being a huge elephant I didn't really experience any drawbacks. I had a letter from GP (as airline required it) that I am fit to fly - had to pay for it - but nobody asked to see it at all!
brideeee Posts: 1490
hi there, I had planned when I was bout 16 weeks to take a week away at 27 weeks. It was a great idea until the week before where i started to feel bigger and more awkward and finding a comfortable sleeping position was getting more difficult. I told DH I didn't think I would be able to go away/do airpost etc and we had a lovely 3 night break in Ireland. I was so glad that I changed my mind. My advice would be if you want to go away go at around 16-20 weeks, I defo felt my best at this time. Now then again you may still feel fantastic at 28 weeks, you really won't know till you get there- Sorry not trying to put you off-just being honest, xx b
pluto Posts: 3893
We're going away on Saturday fortnight and I'll be nearly 26 weeks. Doc and consultant said no probs at all. I read on our tickets alright that if you are over 28 weeks you need a letter from your GP/consultant to say that it is okay for you to fly. There is no risk to the baby whatsoever, its just about how you feel yourself and how your pregnancy is going. Your doc won't let you fly if he/she thinks you wouldn't be able for it, so have a chat to them first before you make up your mind. He/she will give you tips on how to be most comfortable on the flight, what to do/what not to do etc.
Maxi-Babe Posts: 327
We went to Las Vegas for Christmas and so I was 24 and 25 weeks pregnant for these journeys. I had absolutely no problems and these were 11 hour flights, so I can't see any problem with what you have described. However that said, it all depends on how you are feeling in yourself, I felt fine and had no problems at all. HTH
Bees Posts: 93
I did last week at 30 weeks and it was no problem. It was only a short flight to the UK but I flew to New York at 22 weeks and that was no problem. I wasn't asked to show the doctors note either and not surprisingly nobody gave a toss if even noticed that I was pregnant, but I would make sure to have it anyway just in case as it's a requirement. Make sure you have a good cushion for your back. I had the flu coming back which didn't help but it still wasn't too bad. I agree that everyone is different and it depends how you're feeling but if you're generally healthy you should be fine. You'll need to see your doc for the letter anyway so he/she can reassure you. I think the main concern is that your blood pressure isn't high and you are at greater risk of DVT so need to drink lots of water and move around alot - try and get an aisle seat. I'm sure if there was a problem airlines wouldn't allow people to fly up to 34 weeks. Think you're right to fit in the break!
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
I did a couple of long haul flights around that time and had no problems at all! Take all the recommended precautions (drink lots of water, walk and flight socks) and you should be fine.
shining star Posts: 877
girls, thanks alot for all your replies.. I guess I'm afraid of booking cos it's so hard to know how things will be in 18 weeks time! I feel grand at the moment, will wait til first gynae app on the 15th and talk it over with him.. I'd love to go, just don't want to change my mind! Thanks for advice!
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
We're goingon hols when I'm 29 weeks and once I get note from the doc I'm fine, we ahve no other choice unfortunately but my best mate is 30 weeks and she just came back from hols and was perfectly fine so think once u don't have a condition which would prevent u, u should be fine !!!