Flying at 36 wks?

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Dr of love Posts: 425
Oh no, its just dawned on me with another poster talking about flying at 28 wks that I will need to fly at 36 weeks to go home for Christmas. I would be so so gutted to be stuck in London and I am not worried to do it. I could make sure to be going to either Dublin or Belfast so local hospitals would be nearby if I did go into labour but I really really want to go. Does anyone know how I can get there? I mean, will the airlines let me and if not, will the ferry?
mamajen Posts: 2263
As far as I know you'll need to get a doctors note if you want to fly after 28 weeks.
taurus09 Posts: 484
Dr of love this is from aer lingus site Between Ireland and the UK You may travel up to week 32 of pregnancy with your doctor's written permission. Between weeks 32-35 your doctor must complete an Expectant Mother Travel Advice Form. Click here to access this form: Expectant Mother Travel Advice Form. Aer Lingus will not carry any passengers over 36 weeks for any part of their journey, outbound or return. this is ryanair Once an uncomplicated pregnancy enters its 28th week, expectant mothers are required to carry a 'fit to fly' letter completed by their midwife/doctor click here to download the template letter. This completed letter should be dated within 2 weeks of your booked flight and presented at either the bag drop desk and/or the boarding gate. Ryanair reserves the right to refuse travel of an expectant mother over 28 weeks pregnant who does not present a completed "fit to fly" letter from their midwife/doctor at either the bag drop desk and/or the boarding gate. For uncomplicated pregnancies travel is not permitted beyond the following dates: · For an uncomplicated single pregnancy, travel is not permitted beyond the end of the 36th week of pregnancy · For an uncomplicated twins, triplets etc. pregnancy, travel is not permitted beyond the end of the 32nd week of pregnancy Any chance your family could come over to u?
popple Posts: 1368
If it were me I wouldn't fly at 36 weeks... you will be big at that stage and wrecked. Looks like the airlines won't carry you either and it's for a good reason... you really could go into labour at any time at that stage. Try get some family to visit instead.
Dr of love Posts: 425
I just did a bit of research and BMI and Ryanair (not Aer Lingus) will carry you up to the end of week 36 with a docs note. That would take me to the 2nd of Jan. I guess as long as I can make Christmas, I will be happy but I won't know till close to then how well I feel. But assuming that my pregnancy is low risk and I feel well, I definitely want to go home. My sister is a doc and I can get my family to do Christmas in Dublin (to be near hospitals) rather than home in the countryside. Research says that flying at that stage has not shown any increase in likelihood to go into early labour. Its only a 50mins flight, I'm sure it would be fine if my pregnancy is run of the mill. Phew, a bit relieved. Hope the docs dont move my due date back!
taurus09 Posts: 484
if you can get to 2nd jan thats good, just remember to bring your notes with you and you should be fine. as you said its a very short flight, so even if you did go into labour you'd have plenty of time. nothing better than xmas at home :)
zoey Posts: 1574
Would getting the ferry be an option for you? But at that time of year the weather could cause delays, canceled crossings etc so it mightn't be ideal when you're 36weeks pregnant. Maybe having some family over to visit you would be better if that would work out.
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
I think you will be OK to fly home for Christmas but I think your problem will be returning to the UK after Christmas? I don't think I would fly over if I'm honest, would your family fly to you this year being the year thats in it?
FoundHome Posts: 1753
Based on personal experience I wouldn't do it... Sorry. I was due to fly to France at 35w0d and return 35w4d. My first choice was to fly Aer Lingus as they'd get me closer compared to Ryanair but they refused to fly me past 34 weeks. I could have flown Ryanair and then done the transfer by bus though. when I looked into it, VHI wouldn't guarantee that I'd be covered if anything happened abroad. Got the European health Insurance card so I would be covered in a public hospital so that was another weight off my mind. After all that though I decided not to make the trip for a few reasons (1) I was seriously tired (2) didn't want the hassle of giving birth with the language barrier, (3) i didn't want the hassle of arranging passports and flights for the newborn if anything happened and (4) if anything happened I really wanted DH to be there for the birth. I know not all my reasons would apply to you but some may be worth considering. So after weeks of debating whether or not I should go, I know I made the right decision..... DS arrived at 36w1d. Who knows if he would come even earlier with the stress of travelling?
PearlBaby Posts: 532
I'm on the dont fly brigade....and i'm sorry to say this too but as a hostie myself i would be double checking my manual at the back of the aircraft before we closed up to make sure it was okay to off load you if you got as far as the aircraft. I know that all sounds very harsh but i'm only thinking of you, especially at that time of year where delays are almost certain. Also as someone who lived away from home for 6 christmases and insisted us driving home on the icey roads one yearand swore i would never ever do it again.