flying in early pregnancy

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sally Posts: 1140
Just wondering is it ok to fly in very early pregnancy... ie if you get pregnant while away and are flying back.... its quite a long flight 13 hours and we are going to start TTC when away... so if we get lucky will it be ok??? doesnt it take a few weeks for foetus to implant so it may be ok.
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
think someone just had a post about this up a while ago. some people say not to fly in 1st and last trimester but some women might not know if they are preg when flying. check with your doc reg such a long flight.
tasket Posts: 306
Hi sally, As far as I'm aware, there's no medical reason to avoid flying in the 1st or 2nd trimesters, the only reason they advise against travelling in the 1st trimester is because you might have morning sickness and flying while nauseous is not much fun! The day I ovulated we were flying from Dublin to NY - so I think the baby was actually conceived somewhere over the Atlantic! Hubbie loves to tell people this as it sounds like we're in the Mile High Club. :lol:
sally Posts: 1140
ha ha tasket, thats one for the grandkids. Yeah I checked out a website yesterday which said the only reason not to fly in early pregnancy is it will prob make symptoms of morning sickness etc... worse. How long were you preg. before all those symptoms kicked in... I know its different for everyone but if I could get away with it might start trying the month before we go.... prob bad idea though as we are going to Peru...
tasket Posts: 306
Hi sally, For the m/s symptoms started on & off quite early (4 weeks), and got really constant and bad from about 7 weeks, tapering off at 12 weeks. But it is definitely different for everyone. TBH if you're going to Peru I wouldn't risk TTC beforehand - I wouldn't worry about the flying, but I was there last year and, while I didn't get sick, the sanitation wouldn't be up to Western standards and I think you'd be too worried about picking something up that could possibly harm the baby. And if you're planning to go to the Amazon or a jungle-y area where you'd have to take malaria drugs, then TTC would definitely be out.
nickyk12 Posts: 120
i dont think theres anymore risk flyin than doin anythin else.. i am cabin crew and didnt know i was preg initially! stopped wen i knew.. but some of my colleagues kept flyin til 4 months ish! and if u think how many flights we do for a living.. our normal (in the air hours are at least 9 - 11 hrs, as well as our other duties!) so we do that say 3 days a week thats averagin 30 hrs a week actually flyin! and there were 5 babies born in our base of 25 permanent crew last year! includin twins.. if yrhappy to fly then fly and enjoy it! hth nicky