Flying in first trimester?

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Butttons Posts: 812
Hi girls, just got my BFP today and am delighted :o)ll :o)ll The test said it was 1 - 2 weeks from conception, so 3-4 weeks pregnant. My last AF was the 1st June. Do you think it would be ok for me to fly (3 hr flight) the last week in Aug? Would I still be in my 1sr trimester?
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
congrats on your BFP!! I flew from Australia at 5 weeks and then to and from New York at 9 weeks - no problems at all. flying is perfectly safe up to 32 weeks (i think!)
Aquafina Posts: 354
First of all, congratulations!!! I took three round trip flights during the first trimester (17 hours, 9 hours and 2 hours). Took a short flight (about an 1.5 hrs) at 26 weeks. I had no issues on any of the flights. The doctor had no concerns about my flying in the first trimester and never told him about the last one (which I doubt he would have had any reservations about either).
LMR Posts: 1925
I flew vietnam to Australia at 7 weeks (and backl again) numerous short haul and VN to UK at 21 weeks (and back again) so I'd say you'd be fine. Makw sure you drink lots of water on the flight as its easy to get dehydrated and I avoided the food as it tends to make me bloated at the best of time and instead took snacks with me. Also if its long hual try and make sure you get up and walk around plenty. One thing to watch for if you're a bit quesy is take off and landing. I didn't get much sickness but in the early days the taking off and landing parts of the journey were not my favourites! Enjoy your hols x