Flying - is it safe

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chloe01 Posts: 33
Hello Girls I'll be 11 weeks when i go on holiday to Costa Del Sol, is it safe to fly? Chloe
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
I flew to mexico at 10 weeks Perfectly fine, just make sure you drink plenty of water, wear flight socks and walk around when you can.
mcglick Posts: 463
i agree, we flew to the canaries when i was 12 weeks and i was grand
thunder Posts: 110
I flu to france the day after I found out I was pregnant, went skiing for the week. Then i flu to italy at 13 weeks, and London at 20weeks. So its fine, the only thing I was nervous of, was the radiation from the sun, so I kept the window screen down for all the journeys.
beaker Posts: 379
I'll be 24 weeks next week and flying to Barcelona, I just needed a form filled in from my doctor to say that I am fit to fly. Use plently of sunscreen if you are going somewhere hot and drink plenty of water.
madhatter01 Posts: 495
what about the xray thing you have to go through? Is that an issue? Do you have to let airline know? Im still disguising tum so nobody would know.
littletiger Posts: 173
i am flying at 9 weels for a sun holiday Apprantly it is ok to fly. then at 23 weeks (please God) for a 2 week holiday (flying home to Ireland for Christmas) - would I need a dr cert for that?
dreamer Posts: 3941
Am flying to South Africa at 16 weeks for my honeymoon! Asked the consultant and she said it was fine. Airlines only need a doctor's letter after 26 weeks I believe!
beaker Posts: 379
Maybe just check the airlines website, Aer Lingus was kind of contradictory in their information so I printed out their form and got it filled in anyway- better safe than sorry. They also ask you to fax the form to them before you fly so I am bringing a copy of the form and the fax cover sheet aswwell, but that's probably just me being paranoid.
HoneyBee1973 Posts: 795
Hi Chloe01 Flying is totally safe, I fly a lot for work. I am 19 weeks now and I have been back and forth to the US several times, went to the caribbean on a holiday and have flown on numerous shorter flights, the 3 hours or less mark. Elvana - there is no risk whatsoever from the detection machines at security, dont worry about those, they dont contain any x-rays. Its the bags that get x-rayed inside the box atop the conveyor belt. That box is very well protected so that no x-rays get out, otherwise they couldnt have the security people sit beside it all day. Like MrsSunflower said, drink loads of water and walk around, wear flight socks especially on longer flights (>3 hours). The cheapest ones I found are in boots. The increased risk for pregnant women is mainly with respect to Deep Vein Thrombosis, because we have so much extra blood in our bodies during pregnancy. The flight socks are a great precaution. Enjoy your holidays!