flying when pregnant

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Bee07 Posts: 628
I was chatting with my friend in London who I want to visit before babs - the pair of us are mighty busy chicks and its going to be July before we have dates that will suit us both!! so I'll be between 33 and 35 weeks pregnant - I was checking ryanair and they look for a "fit to fly" letter from the doc after 28 weeks - but actually doesnt say when its no longer safe to travel - its only a short flight so I should be ok - does anyone know?
Trafford Posts: 463
I don't I'm afraid, but I'm just back from babymoon with Ryanair at 29 weeks and I had my letter from the doc and nobody asked me for it or made any acknowledgement of my pregnancy. *shrugs*. Always safer with Ryanair to be sure though. Do they have a contact number, and could you get whatever they say to you in writing?
spanish mum Posts: 2468
i am just back from flying spain to uk and back at 32 weeks. i had a fit to fly letter and a big bump on show and no-one asked for it or batted an eyelid! best to have it for your own peace of mind though. i found the flight fine. i wore flight socks and drunk lots of water on journeys.and walked up and down to loo a few times too.
Babyboomerang Posts: 543
I fly longhaul with Etihad (7+ hours) and they allow you to travel from 28 weeks to 36 weeks with a letter from your doctor. I flew to Ireland at 24 weeks. They asked me how many weeks I was but weren't concerned because I was only 24. I flew back at 28 weeks, but didn't have a letter, so I told a porkie when they asked (yes, they asked again) and just told them I was 26 weeks. The girl was very nice and just advised me that after 28 weeks that I'd need a letter. I would have no concerns about a short flight to London, but would have a letter from my doctor just in case. I found the long flight tough going because I just wasn't comfortable. I spent a good amount of time standing up near the hostess galley reading my book.