Flying while Pregnant

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Pixelsgirl Posts: 290
Girls.....could you let me know after how many weeks is it advisable not to fly?? Is it 30/32 weeks? Thanks....P
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Check out Most airlines allow you to fly up to 35 weeks, but some place restrictions from as early as 28 weeks for long-haul flights. If you get a letter from your GP or consultant confirming that it's safe for you to fly, however, you should be grand.
tasket Posts: 306
If you are going outside Ireland be careful re travel medical insurance - I wanted to fly to US for a wedding when I would have been 34 weeks, airline was fine with it but couldn't get travel insurance that would cover me past 32 weeks. :o(
mariac Posts: 982
you should also have a look at your health insurance travel policy