Flying whilst pregnant

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bridey09 Posts: 263
Hi, just looking for some advice. I'm almost 7 weeks pregnant and I'm wondering is it ok to fly when i'll be almost 11 weeks. Its only an Aer Arann flight from Dublin to the West of Ireland but i'm just unsure as to whether it will be ok? Thanks
curliwurli Posts: 3369
i flew from dublin to new york, onto vegas and back again when i was about 9/10 weeks. while i was very tired and a little uncomfortable at times it was fine really. i think that flight should be fine!!!
babyforus Posts: 1619
I think that's totally fine. I was reading that book " what to expect when you're expecting" and it was saying it can be tiring to travel with MS and that. But just said end of third trimester is not good idea.
bridey09 Posts: 263
The flight is only about 30 minutes long so i think I should be ok, i just wanted to make sure it was safe. I have that book at home, must check out what it says about flying. Someone once said to me that its not safe to go through the scanners at security while pregnant, has anyone heard of this??
curliwurli Posts: 3369
not unless you were to lie down on the conveyor belt and go through the x-ray machine!!! I can't see what damage the metal detector could do here are some links that seem to be reassuring but maybe if you are worried you should talk to your GP or consultant. [url:1am0drao][/url:1am0drao] [url:1am0drao][/url:1am0drao]
jjewel Posts: 691
Bridey I'm 9 weeks now and had a holiday booked for 7 weeks before we got the BFP. I had a MC last time so was worried about flying and my GP said that there was no reason whatsoever not to fly (and that was even with my history of having a MC last time). She said the only reason for not going away might be if you were going somewhere where the hosp facilities might not be great just in case you needed them, but any 'normal' holiday destination was fine. So if you're only going within Ireland there shouldn't be any issue.
beeny Posts: 38
i flew from dublin to london to new york and back at 8 wks pregnant (didnt know) and was fine except very tired after... i also went to the canaries a few wks ago and apart from feeling a bit naseous on the return journey i have been fine check with your dr but you should be fine :)