Hi: I created this account just to reply to this! When I was having my destination wedding in August in Ireland, I had read forms like this. I convinced myself there was no reason to worry because so many people had such great experiences. I even went as far as calling and speaking with them, where they insured me there would be no problem! I was told I could place my dress in the "captains closet" where it would not be in danger of damage. When we arrived at the gate, I told the lady about my discussion where she told me that I could not place it there and had to put it in a overhead compartment. She told me it was a full flight so I could not keep it in the seat next to me. They did let me board early to get a compartment above me and guard it with my life! It was not a full flight, not even close! I was even able to lay down across the middle and put my dress on the empty isle behind us. The ladies on the first flight (once onboard) were amazing! Gave us free drinks and were so sweet! After the wedding and on the way back I wasn't as concerned, and even put it overhead (because full flight) but had the worst service! The lady let someone throw their bag on top of my dress, and gave me a snobby attitude about me not shipping it home... Because I spent thousands of dollars and am not going to let it out of my site. The man had no problem moving his bag and I put it under my feet for him doing that. Long story short, if you have another option, I would go that route. My dress did make it in one piece though! I'm curious if anyone else has experienced anything similar to this. I didn't want to complain to them, because the ladies on the first flight were so great!