FOB in dress suit?

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moomoo Posts: 9
OK girlies, hope you can help Bit of a row brewing, H2B thinks my dad shouldn't be in the same suit as him, bestman, etc and HIS dad. I'm not sure how it's supposed to work, but my mum thinks they should all be in the same suit. H2B sees this as interfering from my mother, YAWN!!! To be honest I don;t mind, and neither does my dad, but I want him to be included etc etc. What do you all think, is it just the groom's "side" or is my dad included??? Thanks guys, moomoo
ChloeOct06 Posts: 1466
i've only ever heard of either both dads same as rest of boys or both dads in normal suits and rest of boys in dress wear. Never heard FOB not in dress suit when FOG is. It seems mean spirited of H2B to not include your dad (intentional or not it's how it would appear to me) My dad, h2b dad, brothers, H2B, groomsmen and ushers will all have same.. except dad's will have the normal jacket and boys in tails.. h2B will have a different waistcoat
mad woman Posts: 22106
the way we worked it was my now DH was in a grey suit and all the others in the same colour suit, except the GM & BM all had cravats and the daddys all wore a tie.
aurora Posts: 1629
yeah if his dad is the same as the groom and groomsmen then your dad should be too. some people put the dads in coordinating lounge suits if they don't want tails. If your dad is walking you up the aisle he should probably tie in with the guys, his dad would be less obvious. it's nice for the photos when they're all coordinated.
jen2 Posts: 3106
Oh the Father of the Bride is definatley ment to wear a wedding suit, dress suit etc. The H2B wears a different tie for whatever, but the FOB wear ths same as all the other men in the wedding party. It the formal and proper day things are done. Hope that hepls. I always think that apart from H2B, the FOB is the most important man there. DADS are great. Jen2
moomoo Posts: 9
Thanks guys, Definitely agree, dad's are great, Jen2, only hope he doesn't have me blubbering like an eejut before i walk tha walk will put my foot down on this one...... Cheers, Moomoo[/quote]