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co kerry Posts: 153
i have only found out i am pregnant and i was not taking folic acid before i have just started to take pregnaplan i hope everything will be ok i am worried now
Emme Posts: 4735
Hi Co Kerry, first of all better late than never and don't be worrying about what you didn't do. Secondly my GP was saying to me that a lot of women would naturally get enough folic acid through their diet if it was healthy. So maybe look at your cereal box and see is it fortified? Some breads you eat may be and if you drink Supermilk then you're on the pigs back (just to note you can get too much vitamin A so don't go hitting the Supermilk too hard - thats just a by the way!) Have a look at your diet and you might be surprised to see that you were getting it afterall! I know my bowl of weetabix in the morning with Supermilk gave me my daily requirements!