Follow up question to going out sick week before ML starts

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little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Thanks girls for posting on this query I had earlier in the week. Last night I heard a girl who was due 2 days before me had her baby yeserday and well it freaked me out a little last night so have decided to finish up a week early but go on sick for the extra week. Which is better to do? you just ring in sick and post in cert, say nothing... or Arrive in monday saying as of tomorrow I am on a cert? Not sure what to do.
mariac Posts: 982
phone on a monday morning and say you are on the way to the doctors - and then call back and say you have a cert from the doctor and you have been advised not to work for the next week, post in the cert. you do not have to explain why exactly you are unfit for work - then just tell the doc that you are completely exhausted. - easy peesy
Mrs Aol Posts: 292
Have to agree with mariac, they can't question a sick cert from the doc's
mariac Posts: 982
besides - it is quite common for pregnant women to go out sick in the final week (s). many have issues with fatigue, exhaustion. remember your body is about to give birth. and no one damns a pregnant woman at this late stage for not working if the doctor advises her not to. so i wouldnt worry about it - if you are not up to it - then send in a cert - the doc will certify you no prob
agie Posts: 1107
LMS your such a bad influence, just kidding. However you got me thinking the other day, Ive had so few sickies that I left work today and tbh i felt like i had a kidney infection, turns out its just the way the baby is sitting thats causing the discomfort and constant peeing but the doc asked if i wanted to be signed off for the next 2 weeks, i said no becuase i defo would be bored and im not good with my own company!!! too much time to think and all that but Im signed off tomorrow and friday so super long weekend YAY!! Ill probably be raging i didnt get it for longer :o0 So I say just ring in on Monday its the easiest option and it wount seem planned out!!