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mrs gerard Posts: 1669
The 20year old girl who really wanted the epi and instead they offered her different types of drugs, until they gave her ones that seemed to do the trick!! well, where can i find out what drugs are available to me in HS, so i will have some idea what theyre talking about when im in labour, the way they were like, oh would you like X, Y or Z drugs, id just like to know what woudl be offered and what are their effects... thanks girlies!!! :thnk
WilmaFlintstone Posts: 1318
I was looking at this last night Mrs G and found it fascinating ... ctices.pdf It's basically a survey that nmh filled in, but has LOADS of info on their practices. I found it through the aims website link here yesterday. There's links on the cuidiu website for loads of other hospitals as well. HTH :wv
mrs gerard Posts: 1669
wilma, thank you for this im gonna check out now, thanks again :thnk