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UsineBB Posts: 112
Hi everyone, this is my first post on P&B, just had my BFP confirmed by a blood test on Friday. Very early days, am about 3-4 weeks gone. Just wondering if you can help please, this feels like such a newbie question and I'm sure ladies who have already had babies will be laughing at my innocence :-) I usually spend the weekend making a giant pot of soup or chili or lasagne or something, that we keep in the fridge and my husband and I take a portion to work every day for lunch. I have a microwave at work and a special insulated lunchbox so I can keep the food cool til lunchtime and heat it thoroughly at work. But the whole Internet is telling me that if I'm pregnant I can't eat "leftovers" after more than 2 days in the fridge. Can anyone advise? Sorry if this is a really dimwitted naive question, I'll be seeing my doctor this week so I'll soon be less clueless!!!
Dovetail Posts: 293
Would you consider freezing individual portions after you cook it and defrost each day then? It just removes that concern around how fresh the food is.
UsineBB Posts: 112
Oh my God I can't believe I didn't think of that!! Thanks Dovetail, I'll definitely do that.
atina Posts: 2240
That's what we do freeze portions and take them out the night before work
Lorna Doone Posts: 737
You could do more veggie meals if you're worried about meat or fish keeping fresh. Plenty of beans & greens to keep up your protein / iron levels.
UsineBB Posts: 112
Thanks everyone. Lorna Doone I actually ended up making a sort of minestrone soup with loads of beans and spinach!
Dovetail Posts: 293
No bother! It's a handy habit to develop so you've a stockpile of meals for when the baby arrives. Most things freeze reasonably well. Congratulations by the way.
UsineBB Posts: 112
Thanks so much Dovetail! I'm still in shock TBH but delighted!