Foot in mouth syndrome.

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MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Seems there's more than one wollie tripping themselves up, here's a pm I got from holdups/realman this afternoon: [quote:2a0pq4kn][b:2a0pq4kn]again i faced obscene comments [/b:2a0pq4kn]from antony hutton which you choose to ignore. If youare the moral guardian of the site why not deal with those comments.[/quote:2a0pq4kn] I am assuming from the part highlighted, that this is the 2nd time 'obscene' comments were made. The first being (if I remember correctly) Bobbie's comments to realman during the sexual partners thread. Just thought I'd let yiz know. NZ and Valkstar I believe, were the first to see through the cunning disguise. And yes, folks, I'm bored today. :o0
AnthonyHutton Posts: 2235
honeyec Posts: 969
Does he/she/they not realise that we love Anto & Tokes???
chatter2cat Posts: 996
Mrs Blues, best avatar, super sleuth, stalky mc stalk of stalk, AND moral guardian of WOL? You are too popular my girl. Speeeech, SPPEEEEEECH :lvs
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Moral Guardian of WOL is my fave. :o0 :o0
AnthonyHutton Posts: 2235
i actually was gonna start pming the guy and talking really dirty (pretending to be a woman), get him talking dirty back then i was gonna post up the series of pms along with informing him i was a man didnt bite though
The PDQ Posts: 954
He suffers from what I call constipation of the brain combined with dihorrehea of the mouth!
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
[quote="honeyec":2lsehpq2]Does he/she/they not realise that we love Anto & Tokes???[/quote:2lsehpq2] I guess not honeyec - and completely OT - but your ticker! 18 days! Are you not sh1tting yourself?
TokenMale Posts: 6845
Funnily enough, holdups sounds a lot like a certain other poster here: [url:101bjzph][/url:101bjzph]
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
really? I mean - the poster 'really?' ?