Footmuff for tall child

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Chica1 Posts: 793
Hi Ladies, I've a footmuff for my 19 month old but his feet are touching the bottom of it. I'm wondering about getting one for him with a longer part for his legs. If any of you have any recommendations I'd be very grateful.
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
Ds 2 is 22 months and in his quinny foot muff his feet are now touching the bottom. He isn't very comfortable looking in it now. I have a lodger bunker also which is much more roomier for him and he still has a good bit of space at the bottom
rats tails Posts: 548
My dd is 3 and still fits in the bugaboo one. She walks to the park herself but it's a 45 min walk so generally hops in the buggy for some of the walk home. Still has room in it. Think I'd look into a loger bunker though if I was you. The bugaboo one zips upon either side. I'd imagine the loger bunker one is more suitable for older kids. Ones the start walking they're hopping in and out so the way that opens seems more practical to me for older kids
Chica1 Posts: 793
Thanks Ladies.